Actress Chloe Fineman says she understands why Pete Davidson is so appealing to women

American actress and comedian, Chloe Fineman says she understands why Pete Davidson is so appealing to women after dating some of the world's most stunning ladies. Speaking with Page Six,...


Strangers That Believed In Friendship | Poem by Zuuvision

Who knew strangers could become best friends ? Intuitive words are Angels gift spoken from the heart of a Queen? Who knew questions could ignite purpose....

Lost in Your Mind- Poem

Endless Storm, your mind becomes like the Wave, Your Ultimate enemy, Eating you up, Shut up; You Scream "Make me", it says Happiness, What does that taste like.. Laughter, I...



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Dream Dictionary : Dreams and Its Interpretation.

Dream Dictionary is a compilation of dreams and its interpretation. Every human dreams but not everybody can interpret it. Dream is a very important aspect of...


22 year old dog named oldest living dog on Earth

A 22 year old Elderly dog has been recognized by Guinness book of records as the world’s oldest living dog. The dog's owner Alex Wolf,...

What animals prey on anacondas?

Very few animals are bold and/or strong enough to be capable of taking on an anaconda. Green anacondas are the world’s heaviest snakes, a...

Climate change may kill 65 percent of insects on Earth, says a study

Insects may be a bothersome nuisance most of the time, but the entire Phylum Arthropoda—a scientific word used to categorize the creatures—is essential to...

US National Park Service tells visitors to stop licking toads to get high

The Sonoran desert toad secretes a poison from its glands that the US National Park Service has urged visitors to the park not to lick because it could...

A mystery illness that killed dozens of dogs in Michigan identified

After an unknown virus recently infected and killed scores of canines in the state of Michigan, pet owners there wrestled with terror. However, local...


Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to call out Apple and its CEO Tim Cook. Twitter has lost half of its top 100 advertisers since...
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