I love how quickly I regenerate | hope poem

I love how quickly I regenerate, I appreciate how effortlessly I wake up from broken dreams. On occasion, life leads me up and down in a dance of learning and fulfillment. I love it all, I love to love, but I'm extremely lovey dovey to give up on hope. Better days onwards. READ ALSO : Some days I...


A Tribe Called Quest and Missy Elliott have been nominated for the 2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations have been announced. According to today's announcement, the nominees for the Class of 2023 include Missy Elliott...

NBA YoungBoy Is Converting to Mormon

A new era is beginning for NBA YoungBoy. The 23-year-old musician has been isolated at his Salt Lake City, Utah, residence because he is under...



NFL legend Tom Brady says he wants to retire for good

Tom Brady, a quarterback in the National Football League who has won seven Super Bowls and is regarded as the best quarterback of all...

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Sometimes, all you need is a long walk to clear your head | Inspired message

Sometimes, all you need is a long walk to clear your head, to appreciate yourself and your progress, and to distance yourself from all...


Animals that can belch Fire?

Snakes have the ability to belch fire. This is still really cool, even though it can only occur under specific circumstances. Simply put, if an...

Can 31 Men Defeat one Gorilla in Mortal Kombat?

One gorilla versus 31 men is 31 men killed or badly injured. A full-grown gorilla cannot be hurt by either you or 30 of your...

Colorado bear takes hundreds of ‘selfies’ on wildlife camera trap

A curious bear has become the surprise star of wildlife cameras in Boulder, Colorado, taking hundreds of "selfies" in seemingly impromptu shots, local officials...

Why do some snakes bite and hold on and others don’t? – Constrictor vs arboreal snakes

When defending themselves from threats (including humans), snakes typically lunge forward and strike once to frighten away their opponents and buy themselves more time...

When a dog chases me while I’m biking, what should I do?

When a dog chases you get off your bike and stop. Most dogs that chase bikes do so because they are moving; they don't realize...
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Australian authorities found a radioactive capsule that was lost in the Great Outback on Wednesday after nearly a week of searching along a 1,400-kilometer...
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