10 Intelligent Non-Human Animals

Non-Human animals

Here is my ranking of the top ten smartest Non-Human animals on the planet.

1. Chimpanzees

We share 99% of our DNA with chimps, which explains why they are such intelligent animals. The adolescent chimps won a short-term memory test against college students and adult/adolescent chimps! According to research, these monkeys exhibited photographic memory.

Aside from that, chimps have been found to be exceedingly social, to show evidence of probable emotion, and to use tools. I believe they are among, if not the, most intelligent non-human animals on the planet.

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2. Dolphins

Dolphins are clever animals that can hunt in perfect coordination, understand their own language, and even be trained to do tricks. These aquatic mammals are also one of the few types of creatures that can tell when they are looking at their own image in a mirror and can pass on this knowledge to their offspring in sophisticated ways.

3. Dogs

Any dog owner will attest to the intelligence of their pet. From pack hunting wolves to the smallest domestic dogs, they are all extremely intelligent.

Dogs have an excellent memory, problem-solving abilities, the ability to recognize individuals, and the ability to interpret human spoken orders.

I’d say more, but I think we all know how smart these guys are.

4. Goats

For a long time, scientists believed goats were considerably brighter than previously assumed, but we didn’t know how brilliant they were until lately.

The goats tested were able to use their problem-solving abilities to acquire goodies by using levers. They were also shown to have excellent memories, as the goats remembered the skill 10 months later.

5. Octopus

Octopuses are incredibly intelligent and in a class of their own among invertebrates. In an investigation to see if these amazing creatures could distinguish between individuals, it was discovered that the octopus would disregard those who were cruel to them while paying attention to those who were kind to them.

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6. Spotted hyena

The hyena was supposed to be a dimwitted, cowardly scavenger for many years, but in the end, it was the hyena who had the final laugh! The spotted hyena has been studied more than ever before in recent years, and much has been learned about its intellect.

According to research, hyenas, in addition to being effective group hunters, are astute problem solvers.

Experiments in the lab have demonstrated that hyenas can solve simple puzzles to collect food, and that they can use the same skills to escape traps in the wild.

Hyenas: Fascinating, misunderstood, yet absolutely essential | BBC Science  Focus Magazine

Their intellect is particularly useful during clan wars, since they can count how many hyenas are in a rival clan based on the amount of voices they hear and judge if the fight is in their favor.

In certain ways, studies have revealed that hyenas are as cognitive as primates, outperforming chimps on cooperative problem solving tests!

7. Orangutans
Non-Human animals
Non-Human animals

Orangutans are thought to be among the most intelligent primates. Experiments indicate that these guys are capable of solving some unseen displacement difficulties. There are even two Sumatran orangutans who compete in computer games!

Orangutans in the wild use their intelligence as tools in their daily lives. These instruments are used to extract food such as insects and seeds.

Language and Sign Learning - Orang Utan Republik Foundation

Finally, orangutans have been discovered to exhibit verbal ability. Chantek, a male orangutan who lived at Zoo Atlanta, was one of the first apes to successfully learn American Sign Language.

8. Crows

Crows can grasp basic physics in addition to remembering the faces of those they have met and holding grudges against them! One crow in the lab was able to use water displacement to bring a treat within reach.

Aside from that, these birds have incredible memories, allowing them to recall risky areas and alter their migration paths accordingly.

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9. Raccoons
Non-Human animals
Non-Human animals

Raccoons are extremely intelligent animals, and they must be in order to steal food in the perilous towns and forests in which they reside.

They have the appearance of a burglar and can crack locks! they have perfect memories and can pick difficult locks in less than 10 attempts, according to studies done in the 1960s and 1990s.

This is really useful if this trash panda wants to break into a dumpster to obtain its supper!

10. Snakes

Non-Human animals

Snakes are surprisingly intelligent.

Their capacity for learning and applying what they have learnt to their lives is quite astounding. No one disputes that snakes are intelligent creatures, however the exact degree of their intellect is hotly contested.

They can even learn the limits of several territories because they are excellent trackers. In reality, these more recent research have demonstrated that a variety of snake species has the capacity for logic, reasoning, and problem-solving in order to survive and find their next meal. The most intelligent snake is thought to be the king cobra.

Originally written by Joshua Walters