10 Things You will Realize as you get Older


Experiences come with age, but that doesn’t mean a young mind cannot discover and realize these things, if they are willing to spend time learning.

  1. Even when we are surrounded by others, loneliness persists. When we are recognized for who we really are, it ends.
  2. Both words and actions have worth; the value is lost when the two are out of sync.
  3. Our partner is not able to meet all of our needs, and they are not expected to.
  4. Don’t invest time, energy, or attention in anything if it won’t bring you peace, money, or a sense of purpose.
  5. There are many conversations that must be had in person. It’s important to hear the tones and observe the facial expressions.
  6. Your ability to deal with those who mistreated you will be your biggest challenge.
  7. In real life, you can also mute someone. It is known as boundaries.
  8. Never let someone who doesn’t appreciate your feelings or emotions cause you to lose your self-respect.
  9. Whether or not there is communication, some people will always be significant.
  10. You suffer more harm than you should when you care for someone more than they deserve.

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