12 Ways to Bring Romance Back Into Your Relationship.

There is this saying that is common among african ladies and I quote “African men are not romantic”. That statement is false and illogical. Women tend to want the man to initiate romance while the men often feel like if their women initiate it, it makes them feel loved, desire and special just like it does for women. Not balancing this thought, can lead to a relationship lacking romance. It is the responsibility of both the man and woman to bring romance back into their relationship, just like the first time they fall in love.

The need of romance in a relationship cannot be overemphasized. Infact romance is a necessary spice in a relationship. Every man or woman want to feel the sense of romance in a relationship. You must not be financially buoyant to be romantic. Doing little things in a special way is an act of romance. In this article iam sharing with you 12 ways to bring romance back into your relationship.

1.Call your Partner unexpectedly.

Calling your partner unexpectedly in middle of a hectic day, just to tell them how much you love them or you are thinking about them, is one major way of bringing romance back into your relationship. Most couples can’t remember when last they told their partner “I Love you”. Develop the habit of reaffirming the love you have for your partner, by constantly telling them. .

2.Send them Flowers.

Although sending of flowers to one’s partner is rare in this part of the world. But this gesture is a romantic gesture that ought to be emulate by every couple. Even though it’s not a common act, you can choose to be different and start buying flowers for your partner. Other couples might emulate you.

3.Prolong Hug.

Hugging is a love language every man or woman need. Develop the habit of prolonged hug with your partner, no words necessary.

4.Take them out.

Out of your busy schedule create time to take your partner out. Most couples lack this act of romance in their relationship.


Wake up to a day as if it was the first time you were alone with your partner. Greet him or her enthusiastically. Sit and just look lovely at him or her for a few moments. Touch his or her face lovingly. Let them feel love and sensation from your touch.

6.Write love letters.

With all the new improved ways to do things in the world today. The potency of love letter haven’t depreciate. Handwritten love letters are rare jewel of the past that somehow was able to convey emotions that today’s text messages and chats cannot.

7.Try is a new way to make your love making more sensual and prolonged.

Love making is a bond that keeps husband and wife together. It is also an act of romance. Do something differently to spark up the romance between you two. Create a cozy environment with a nicely dim lit room, soft music and a glass of something smooth. Make love not only to your partner body but to his or her mind too.

8.Watch Movies or Play Games Together.

One way in which you can spend quality time with your partner is through watching movies or playing games together . I suggest you watch romantic movies, it have a way of creating a romantic scenes in your mind. Enjoy your partner company with good conversations while watching the movies or playing games.

9. Cook Together.

Act of service is one love language I admire alot. The sight of couples cooking together with all smiles on their faces is quite captivating and enviable. When was the last time you cook together with your partner? Try it this weekend it will help in bringing back romance into your relationship.


Kissing is one the strongest act of romance. It’s help in building bond between couples. Kiss your partner as if it’s your last day on earth.

11. Bath.

It is advisable for married couple to bath together . By the virtue of marriage you are one. Why can’t you bath together to spark the romance in your marriage? If you share the same room and bathroom I see no reason why you can’t bath together.

12.Massage. .

Develop the habit of rubbing your partner body, it is a act of romance that help him or her to relax. In the course of massaging, your partner can tell you how their day went.

Make your partner to always yearns to be around you, by doing things that will bring back romance into your relationship. Doing these things mentioned will help you immensely. Romance is the life of every successful relationship.

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