Day: <span>July 23, 2022</span>

‘Big Bang Theory’ creator Chuck Lorre files for divorce from third wife

The Big Bang Theory creator, Chuck Lorre, has filed for divorce from his third wife, Arielle Lorre, 36. Lorre, 69, who also created “Two And A Half Men” ended his third marriage after just three years. The couple tied the knot in October 2018. Read also:Princess Love wants to move ahead with divorce […]

Kid Cudi Walks Off Stage After being Hit by Water Bottles at Rolling Loud Miami — Kanye Appears With Lil Durk

The headliner left the stage mid-set after being bombarded by objects thrown by audience members. Footage posted online initially showed Cudi being hit in the head with what appears to be a water bottle while performing. The entertainer is later seen furious and threatened to walk off the stage. “I […]

BREAKING: The World Health Organization Declares Rapidly Spreading Monkeypox Outbreak A Global Health Emergency

This Saturday The World Health Organization declared the Monkeypox virus a public health emergency of international concern. It means that the WHO now views the outbreak as a large threat to global health and because of the international response is needed to prevent the virus from spreading further and potentially […]

Uber Eats Driver Thrown Off A Bridge During Argument In Mexico

A disturbing video captured the moment an Uber Eats driver was thrown off a bridge during a road rage incident. The driver, identified only as 26-year-old Guillermo, was riding his motorbike on a bridge in Cuautitlán Izcalli last week when he encountered a man and woman. According to the New York […]

Walk out..its not a do or die affair – Dating a married man Story

Greetings all Hope you are all ok!! Who missed me.. Awwnnn🥰..I see you all Today is another day for another true story.. of my experience dating a married man. Don’t judge me yet until you hear my side of the story, you could learn a thing or two. INCASE YOU […]

Johnny Depp files appeal against single conviction for defaming Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has filed an appeal against his conviction for defaming ex-wife Amber Heard a day after his ex-wife sought to have her convictions for defaming him overturned. In new legal documents obtained by DailyMail, it was revealed that the actor’s legal team filed the appeal in Fairfax County, Virginia […]

Israeli couple arrested after man dies in pool sinkhole

Israeli police said they have placed a couple under house arrest after a man attending a party at their villa died after being sucked into a sinkhole that formed at the bottom of their swimming pool. The man and woman, both in their sixties, are suspected of causing death by negligence, police […]

50 Children Found Working At A Hyundai Supplier Factory In Alabama

Over 50 migrant children were allegedly found working at a Hyundai supplier in Alabama after police launched an investigation involving a 13-year-old girl who ran away with a 21-year-old former employee. The children, aged as young as 12, were reportedly “fired” from the SMART Alabama supplier factory in Luverne after […]

Elephant are most dangerous in two situations.

Is an elephant a dangerous animal ?..well they can be in two situations. First one: male elephant in the musth. Male elephant with tar like liquid (temporin) on the sides of the head. That liquid comes out of his temporal glands. Musth usually happens during winter, and males can have […]

Wildest killer beast aka the least compassionate animal

Crocodiles are actually “programmed” to kill. It’s genetic, all they do is eat other animals. However, do you know the wildest killer beast? SEE ALSO | Ohio zoo: 14-year-old Tiger dies due to COVID-19 complications   Hippos are herbivores, but still they kill almost anything. It was foolish enough to […]



Common weed may be ‘super plant’ that holds key to drought-resistant crops

Research reveals important hints on developing drought-resistance crops based on a common plant. The study ...

Scientists develop prosthetic hands controlled by the wearer’s breath

Oxford University scientists have developed a prosthetic hand for children that is powered and controlled ...

Anne Heche Reportedly Suffered A Catastrophic Brain Injury And Is Not Expected To Survive

Anne Heche’s reps have released a statement following her crash into a California home and ...

Wendy’s Employee Arrested After Punching Elderly Customer Who Complained About Order

An Arizona Wendy’s employee has been arrested after sucker punching an elderly customer who complained ...

Joycelyn Savage Set To Release Tell All Memoir About Life With R-Kelly

Joycelyn Savage is set to release a tell-all memoir about living under the shadow of ...

Rapper Young Thug faces six new felony charges of being part of a street gang Young Slime Life

American rapper, Young Thug is facing six new felony charges over allegations that he participated ...

Megan Thee Stallion Slams Her Label Over Album Release Dispute And Not Being Able To Put Out Music When She Wants

The lead-up to the release of Megan Thee Stallion’s sophomore album — rumored to be called ...

Vanessa Bryant Reportedly Broke Down In Tears During Kobe Bryant Crash Trial

Vanessa Bryant was drawn to tears as the civil trial she filed against Los Angeles County ...

BREAKING: Russia Confirms Prisoner Swap Talks As U.S. Hopes For Brittney Griner’s Release

For the first time, Russian officials confirmed that they are negotiating with the United States ...

Shakira’s ex Gerard Piqué ‘secretly dating PR student, 23, who works for him two months after his split with the singer

Barcelona defender, Gerard Piqué is reportedly secretly dating a 23-year-old PR student, two months after ...

Man, 75, arrested for rape and murder of 15-year-old girl who he stabbed 59 times 40 years ago

Police have announced the arrest of a man living in Hawaii for abducting, sexually assaulting ...


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