5 Signs A woman Has Lost Interest In You

Getting attached too much can be the most dangerous and careless thing to do in a relationship. That is why most people find it hard to let go despite knowing their relationship won’t lead anywhere.

It is usually strange but it’s real when you notice someone you’re close to suddenly becomes a stranger to you. It is a sign they have lost interest in you.

As a man, there are some obvious signs a woman will show when she has lost interest in you. Once you notice these signs, you should stop trying unless you want to be heartbroken big time

Dear men, below are 5 signs a woman has lost interest in you.

1. She’s always rude and defensive.

Once a woman starts showing how rude she can be to a man, there is a chance she doesn’t have any interest in him anymore. A girl that truly cares and loves you will never try to be rude to you no matter what, she will always find a way to compose and calm herself.

As a man, if you notice a woman doesn’t listen or pay attention to you anymore, just know she doesn’t have any interest in you. A woman can act in this way just because she’s tired of the relationship and no longer interested. Once a woman is showing this sign, she has lost interest in you.

2. She stops calling or texting unlike before.

One thing about women is that they don’t take any chances when it comes to the person they love. They will always call or text the man they love. But when they stop doing these things, it shows they don’t have any interest in the relationship anymore.

When you first started, she seems to be texting and calling you, but now, it seems you’re forcing or begging her to chat or talk with you. When a girl is like this to you, it shows she’s no longer interested in you.

3. She doesn’t tell you things anymore.

When a girl starts keeping a secret in a relationship or she stops telling you things, there is a high chance she doesn’t have any interest in you. It shows she can’t trust you and when trust is lacking in a relationship, there is nothing more. A woman that keeps things to herself can’t be predicted.

4. She stops saying the “I love you words.”

5. She starts doing things without informing you.

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