6 Signs That Show You Both Love Each Other

Love can become a big burden if is one-sided. They are different kinds of love. Some love doesn’t require the other person to love you back. But for you to call something love in a relationship, it must be mutual.  It is also a sweet feeling to love and be loved as well. Your whole World can change just knowing that someone out there loves you a lot.

The moment you realize your boyfriend or girlfriend cannot do without you, you get this feeling of importance. You also tend to be secure knowing that someone cannot do without you. It gives you more reason to live.

Your partner or fiance might not tell you how he or she cannot live without you. But they are signs that can reveal that to you. We are going to discuss those signs in this article.

Below are some of the signs that both of you cannot do without each other:

1. Morning Messages: When you wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes to mind is to text or call your boyfriend/girlfriend, it shows you can’t do without him or her. Some don’t even greet God in the morning before calling or chatting the love of their life.

When she responds to your morning messages in less than 8 seconds, then she really cannot do without you. It means she has been thinking about you before your call or chat.

2. Playing Previous Conversations: When you keep a record list of the conversations between you and your partner, then it shows you cannot do without him or her. Whenever she is not around, you start playing the list of previous calls you recorded.

For some others, they keep re-reading the previous chats they had with their boyfriend or girlfriend. If both of you are involved in this, then is a sign that you cannot do without each other.

3. Sing your love songs unconsciously: That is for those who spice up their love life with a love song. So when you see yourself singing the song unconsciously, it means you are deep in love.

4. When the thoughts of your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you give you heartburn, it means you are deeply in love with that person. Or rather you cannot do without him or her.

5. If you are always trying your best to avoid breaking his or her heart, then you are deeply entangled in love.

6. If your everyday life reminds you of him or her, it means you cannot do without him or her.
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