Believers Are Great Achievers- ARTICLE



Dictionary definition of a Believer :  To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.

My Understanding of  who is a Believer : A believer is someone with an understanding, that failure is not the  last destination, they always hope for the best, no matter how tough the road become, they never give up because they understand they are walking by faith and not by sight.


They careless about critics, failure, pain, trials, all they see is possibilities to keep trying to get better.

A believer put all effort in believing, they don’t look back or get confused about their goal, they keep hoping for success even when all they could see is failure.


>Acknowledge God : we acknowledge God because its through faith that we believe that God created the whole world, if you want to be a strong believer, then you have to set your mind on something supernatural to fuel your soul.

If  we do not have total faith in something we can not see, it would be hard for us to achieve what we have seen.

>Develop an attitude of Prayer / Meditation :

What is Prayer : a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.

What is Meditation : the action or practice of meditating.

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These are necessary to build our believe. With constant prayer/meditation on a goal, makes everything possible, because the “Spirit controls the physical“.

To clear the air on that statement, we should ask our self this question; why does the body die without the breath of life?– the spirit if the a life giving breath that empowers the body.

Another instance is when we dream and we  sometimes we tend to see those dreams become a reality, this shows that there is something beyond what we can see that controls our reality.


Believer- sinzuulive
Market Women

A business woman woke up early in the morning, she had no hope for the day because she made no sales a day before.

she woke up in the morning thanked God for life, and asked God to help her make profit today on her sale.

After praying and meditating she believed and her hope grew, even though she is not seeing clearly the outcome of the prayer and mediation but she believed in her heart that she is going to make sales.

When she got to the market, all through the day she made no sale but at 5:30pm the same day she met a customer that bought all her goods, she was surprised because she already lost hope for the day and was feeling depressed but she encountered success when she least expected it.

That is the power of prayer and meditation, because there is power in spoken words, speak positive words

in your life, family and business daily and you will never regret developing that habit.

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>Focus your mind and energy on a goal : when we fill our mind with positive thoughts, we tend to achieve more because our thoughts is the womb of every success, believe in your self and the goal you wish to achieve.


The secret in achieving is in believing, it all starts with just a thought, think positively, place it on a board, dissect it, remove the rubbish and bring your thoughts into reality.

Every creativity starts with madness, let people criticize it, bear the insult but remember nobody had it all at the very first step, remember that someone out there is looking out for you and your work, have in mind that one day that madness, that thought, that imagination can become something innovative.

believe in God, believe in self and the power of your mind.