A Female Twitter User Expose Charms Women Use in Controlling and Manipulating Men

In recent society charms that can be used to control/ manipulate men is wildly used and sold in social media/ shops and public places.

Many young, old women are buying into this madness all in the pretense of securing husband, money, gifts and all the good things of life.

A female twitter user who was opportune to be in the midst of these daughters of Jezebel, shared a shocking revelation that will leave any man out there speechless.

Her thread was a real opener… read below;

Charms - sinzuuliveblog

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To the women using this charms to secure husband or manipulate a man, the truth is that nothing last forever.

Every charm has an expiring date– and the repercussion of using this product is much more than the gain.


Any product manufactured from the marine kingdom or dark kingdom will automatically posses the user with a spirit.

Any man this products is used on, will still cheat, he might give all the request, but there is a spirit backing this charms and that is spirit of lust.

Destiny will be tied to evil altars/ kingdom and the soul will never experience freedom except the victim embark on a deliverance and denounce this spiritual mediums.

That it worked for A doesn’t mean it would work for B, STI’s are real and the only way to use the product is by skin to skin contact.

Using this product will open door for a spirit husband called incubus and sucubus it will sleep with the users while they sleep, some stubborn ones even appear in the physical.

This spirits are not the type to be friends with, they will plant sickness and arrows, there role is to ruin lifes– they are the bringers of Depression and other spiritual and physical diseases.

There is no guarantee no matter how they smoothly and seductively seduce  with  reviews..

Most ladies end up not getting married or having kids because they already have alot of kids for there spiritual husband and most of them end up being killed or even worst when the charm expires and the charmed man’s eyes open.

The surest bet to getting the man of your dreams is in Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of the Lord.

A godly man with the spirit and fear of the lord will never cheat, don’t be deceived…. for we are living in a perilous times.


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