A german shepherd suffers animal cruelty as owner threw her off the balcony 

A video is making rounds online after a retard woman throw off  her supposed owned german shepherd off the balcony.

The German Shepherd that survived the horrific incident of animal cruelty is getting a Christmas miracle … the pooch will spend the holiday in a loving foster home in Florida.

According to Volusia County Animal Services director Adam Leath– the dog, which Volusia County Sheriff’s officials appropriately named “Miracle,” is being cared for by a foster care individual who kindly offered up their home …

Miracle was in Animal Services custody after her owner, Allison Murphy, was arrested after police body cam video showed her throwing the dog off a second floor, motel balcony during an interaction with Sheriff’s deputies ..

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TMZ reported that Animal Services didn’t want the pooch to live in a cage so they found her a temporary home.

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Miracle the german shepherd amazingly didn’t get injured in her fall — thus her name — and cops jumped to her rescue after she tried to run away.

Miracle got fully checked out at an animal hospital, where a vet only saw a few scrapes and bruises to her feet.

She actually landed feet first. She was hospitalized overnight and is on pain meds.

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Animal Services also revealed that the exam turned up a sewing needle in Miracle’s left rear thigh …

They don’t know how the needle got there, and it’s now part of the felony animal cruelty investigation against the owner.



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