A Hunter is accused of Murdering and Maiming dogs that he mistook for Coyotes.

a hunter

A hunter who believed the family’s beloved German Shepherds to be coyotes killed them, devastating the Connecticut family.

Erin Caviola said that her dogs vanished in November after she let them go outside to use the bathroom at her Ridgefield home. While a portion of the fence enclosure was destroyed, Cimo and Lieben left the area. After spending several weeks seeking for the 10-year-old canines, Caviola and her family received a picture of the pets from a neighbor after a month. They seemed to have been skinned, decapitated, and FOX 5 reported that.

“The photographs that we got was them posing on the ground, lying there, and you could plainly see that they both had been shot in the chest,” she told the publication.

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Following the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection’s involvement in the case, Mike Konschak was detained for the murder of the dogs.

Given the unsettling circumstances surrounding her dogs’ deaths, Carviola demands explanations and justice for them. She also started a petition on change.org to have Konschak’s hunting permit cancelled and to accuse him of animal cruelty. He was accused of forgery, tampering with evidence, and breaking hunting laws.

“Our family has suffered a great deal of mental distress as a result of their murder, skinning, and beheading. The brutal killing and dismemberment of Cimo and Lieben has left our family, which is often joyful and loving, in a state of indescribable pain, sorrow, and fatigue. Every spare minute of our time has been devoted to finding our pets since they vanished on November 18th.

Our family was working and searching for them every waking minute. We would immediately drop everything the moment we heard of a probable sighting and rush to the place, just to be let down. This might have been done by posting things on social media, browsing missing pet pages, or taking every call and text that came into my phone.