A Mother of 13 Commits Suicide After Mental Breakdown : Extraordinary Pregnancy

A Mother of 13 Commits Suicide After Mental Breakdown : Extraordinary Pregnancy

A Mother of 13 kids, Mandy Gardner, who appeared on TV show called Extraordinary Pregnancies was found dead in a woodland close to her home Worthing, West Sussex.

Mandy was found dead on April 7, before being laid to rest in June at Durrington Cemetery Chapel.

Investigation says that the 43-year-old Mandy had talked about self-harm shortly before her death, and a coroner ruled her death as suicide after postmortem examination found that the cause of the death was hanging.

The mother of 13 kids appeared on TLC’s Extraordinary Pregnancies with her husband Nathan four years ago in 2016, when they were preparing to welcome their 12th baby into the family.

Mandy with her husband and kids

The couple welcomed their 13th child two years ago.

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Mandy  at the time of her TV appearance said:

“There are times when its an uproar; there’ll be dogs running around, kids chasing the dogs, adults chasing the kids that are chasing the dogs!

Not all [of my] pregnancies were planned – 12 is us being careful – you know, each and every one has been a welcomed addition.”

She continued:
A Mother of 13- sinzuuliveblog
Mandy with her husband

“Crazy is normal in this house. Would I trade it in for a quiet life? No.”

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Speaking about her beloved offspring, she said:

“Am I addicted to having babies? Yeah, I think there’s an element to it definitely.

“But I hope to stop at 12.


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