Racist Biker Spits on Woman in Canada, He’s Charged with Assault

Racist Biker Spits on Woman in Canada, He’s Charged with Assault

A Racist Biker man spat on a woman, and the whole prejudice was caught on camera..

According to Canadian cops, who’ve tracked him down and arrested him, says he racially insulted her.

The racist biker incident went down Saturday at a park in Calgary … and video clearly shows the cyclist spitting on a woman passing him on a skateboard.

From the video clip you can hear the man hurl a racial slur against Asian people.

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STILL THINK RACISM DOESN’T EXIST IN CANADA!?!? UPDATE: Although Jess and I haven’t heard from the police themselves, the news are reporting that he is now in custody awaiting charges. This man spit on my girlfriend @itsjesslau DURING A PANDEMIC and called her a “fucking ch*nk” and sped off on his bicycle. We are outraged. He also did this to another couple behind us who were Caucasian. I can’t believe I caught this on video. So much for a Saturday night out hey? If you or someone you know has any information as to who this is please pass it on. We are forwarding it to CPS. EDIT: The police have filed many claims of this guy doing the same thing to a lot of people. They’ve identified him and I believe charges will be made. Thanks for the positivity everyone!

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The Calgary Police Service says Justin Williams spit on other folks and used more slurs during his bike ride, and even threatened a witness with a weapon when confronted.

Cops says he’s been arrested and charged with 3 counts of assault and one count of possession of a weapon dangerous to the public.

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Williams could be warmly comforted with additional charges — the Police say the CPS Hate Crimes Coordinator will review the investigation, which is ongoing.


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