A racist woman in Los Angeles brought hammers to a face-off with her neighbors

A racist woman in Los Angeles brought hammers to a face-off with her neighbors

A racist woman in Los Angeles brought hammers to a face-off with her neighbors — whose car she proceeded to smash up . The car smashing got her an ass whopping.

The video was shot earlier this week in Chatsworth, just outside of central L.A. in the San Fernando Valley. The video shows an older white-looking woman using two hammers to bang up the side of her neighbor’s sedan car.

As seen in the video she hit it twice once the camera starts rolling.

The woman proceeds to walk toward the neighbors with both hammers in hand, almost as if she’s going to attack — but she stops, and tells them to “get the f*** out of this neighborhood.”

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She then tells ’em to call the cops, but the neighbors are way ahead of her.

While one of the neighbors is heard off-camera talking to an operator describing the situation, racist woman knocked over their recycling bin with a hammer, and headed back to her stoop.

What happened next is wild — another nearby neighbor came over and manhandled this woman on their own.

 Edy Perez is the guy who took and posted the video..

He reveals that his roommates moved into the house next door to this woman early last year … and says she’s been hurling racial names at them since day one.

He says they never retaliated … just ignored her.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, and he says his sister heard banging from inside their house … and low and behold, he says she saw this next-door neighbor of theirs doing this destroying the car for no reason at all.

Now, Edy says this woman was arrested … but got cut loose the next day due to COVID-19.

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The racist woman was harassing a Mexican- as she ordered them to get back to Mexico as heard from the video.



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