A Saint and A Sinner | ESSAY

Saint and a sinner

A Saint And A Sinner….

In reality I just want to make bad choices, Lavish all my savings, drink till I vomit all over my self, womanize, fornicate and engage in all sort of immoral activities that I believe would satisfy my flesh.

On a second thought, my conscience pricks me,  yes am sexually frustrated, even though I have a list of beautiful women willing

and ready to lay in my bed, but what good would it do to my soul ?

Am a man of great destiny and the future is bright, everyday is full of temptation and wrong steps will only cause delay and limitation but most importantly I fear God.

Saint and a sinner
de Crayer, Gaspar; St Bruno; York Museums Trust; 

Fre-enemies, outcasts, relatives, family Judge me for trying to be the best version of my self, for trying to change the game and create a path like Jesus Christ did.

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Only the spirit knows the body, but many feel they can throw dice and predict my thoughts.

My mind is a great tool, my heart is large and my switch up game makes me a mystery, even I don’t fully understand, the amount  of energy embedded in me or my full capabilities for only time can reveal mysteries.

In reality I am a tale, a story that will motivate and change destiny… I used to be less human, my heart was hardened by trials and tribulation.

My eyes was on the prize, which lead me to master endurance, every pain blessed me with deep insight.

I believe in destiny, fate, prophecy and revelation, which makes me a prophet of the old..

My journey is not by sight but by the spirit, for the eyes shed tears because of greed.

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What last forever is not seen in the eyes but felt in the heart and born in the soul.

My story is a painful one but it’s full of love, lessons, break through, bravery, heroism, wisdom and courage….

The Tale Continues….