A White Man in Blackface MakeUp Sucker Punched During Washington D.C Protest

A white man in blackface make up pissed off #BlackLivesMatter protesters in D.C. and got sucker-punched as cops were leading him away..

The situation sparked a wild police chase on foot.

Mostly Anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter protesters gathered near the White House late Thursday night after President Trump accepted the presidential nomination to close the Republican National Convention.

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However, one guy in blackface stood out like a disgusting figure, angering some of the protesters who shouted he was racist and loudly asking him to leave the place.

As a few cops were sort things out, a man recording the incident shouts “Blackface!” as another man came from behind and punched the guy right in his distasteful makeover.

The officers took off running after the attacker, and caught him on the street after a short pursuit – the scene was intense,  adrenaline rush.

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It’s unclear if he was arrested, or what happened to the white guy in blackface.



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