Addictive Love Letter to Her


Dear ….

Words fall short to express my innate feelings . I constantly search for the right words, and they all seem vague than I truly feel.

You are my life, my heart, and my soul mate, my best friend.

My one true love that i have always dreamt about and imagined in my mind– I still remember the day we first met.

Addictive love - sinzuulive

I was gazing at you from afar, my heart jumped out of my body and my mind assured me you were created just for me.

Opportunity was drowned in time, because you didn’t feel what i felt, you rejected my advances but, I still held onto the fading memory of your charisma.

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I thought of you every day, and dreamt of you each night. Just when I thought you had forgotten me, fate dragged your profile in my timeline.

Then i said ‘hi’ at the right moment– I guess you heard my heart speak addictive love.

addictive love - sinzuulive

We talked for months but it felt like weeks, hours became seconds and weeks became days.

The first day i called you, the sound of your voice sent my mind on a musical sleep. it overwhelmed my masculinity, i felt like butter, being rubbed on a slice of bread.

Then one day you gave me a call back, and told me I might have a chance. I felt an internal combustion — life flowed through me.

My heart skipped a beat, my hand was shaking like i had tremor and I could barely breathe.

I thought i was going to die from the emotion this words sent to my brain. Then one day, you came out to see me, then I knew it was meant to be.

Those were the sweetest days, full of beautiful memories– It went so quickly, I wanted it to last forever.

The day you left, I wanted to die.

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You called me again, your voice on the line– needed to be near, to hug you close and tightly.

I needed to show you, that you were the only one for me.

addictive love- sinzuulive

I made the decision to tell you how I truly felt.

When you reciprocated, it felt like a dream — paused  staring at your eyes but lost in my imagination, my soul left my body and i encountered paradise.

Those intense moment made me compromise and give up my flaws, you altered my life.

I starved all my distraction and gave all my side chicks eviction notice, never looked back, now i will make you my bosom wife.

Am on a cloud, living in a dream, and a few days from now, it will  feel real.

I wrote this letter for you to keep, so it would remind you of how i truly feel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, words fall short to describe my fiery feelings.

I  make this promise to you my heart throb, to love you beyond your wildest imagination.

Am constantly looking further to the future, thereby forgetting the past, you are a part of me now, for two have become one.

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I love you to the moon and back and above all i will forever be yours, fear not, for you have stolen my heart and i desire not to have it back ..

Eternally Yours


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