Ageless Love in Enchantress Time | Poem

Ageless Love- sinzuuliveblog

Lo didst I find Love in Ageless beauty of Time!!!.

But she was hidden from thy sight at length…. Broken and scarred from the seamless solitude. 

My days turned dark for the night was longer…. I slept until my eyes grew weary.

I dreamt into emptiness, and desired to dance with the reaper…. But even the dark angel broke my heart and adorned me with petty words of hope and gratitude.

Ageless Love- sinzuuliveblog
Ageless Love

My heart grew cold, my tears dripped tiny and suddenly stoped flowing…. I asked, seeked, knocked but the doors were locked.

I left my comfort zone in search of God in far places…. I walked in the sun and slipped in the muddy rain, I ran and shouted like my mind was tormented.

I prayed in many tongues, but it felt like my sin have finally caught up with me, which grew thorns thereby blocking me from the divine.

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Ageless Love- sinzuuliveblog

I medicated, tried to burn my worries but even the herbs lost it potency, and only gave me migraines….

I tried ingesting flesh eating demons but ended up scaring my intestines, always waking up feeling like I was bitten by a viper.

I fasted, I prayed, cried and heaven soaked with my tears of seclusion…. On the day of restoration, misery was blotted out for I encountered the mountain of peace, forever grateful for I found God in the cave of light.

Ageless Love- sinzuuliveblog

The gate of paradise smiled wide open at my meek penitence, for my hardened heart was broken by time and season.

The east and west wind collided and an angel of light spring forth like the fountain of living waters.

It drizzled grace for courage woke me up from my sleepless slumber, then my soul was magnified for I saw the angel of light riding on chariots of clouds with answers to my supplication.

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Ageless Love

I knelt with my head bent to my knees for I have witnessed my salvation…. My heart was heavy with light and love grew within me.

I started spreading love and light for my cup overflowed…. Then I found Love with a soothing balm, she nourished my heart and my hope grew.

She is the head of days but her love is young and warm…. Our love defiled time, distance, and age.

Growing stronger in loving grace with challenges of each passing day….. Her love is ageless and her soul is divine, when she laughs, I could see the stars dancing the tune of Cupids.

She’s my earth angel, my destiny helper, my twin flame, my one in a life time partner…

In her I discovered the truth about love that many poets try to express, for her heart is filled with gold dust and her words sends my soul to a music sleep, she humbles me..

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I stand in awe of her Olamic beauty and scintillating spirit….. Her memory I would Dearly treasure and keep her knowledge alive from generations to generation for she is not the type to be forgotten in a scurry.

The End.