All Men Cry | Heart to Heart Poem By Zuuvision

All Men Cry

All Men Cry, thy tears so cold, thy soul so old, thy mind so bold.

Trust none they say, friends turn foes, the guilt go free, the good die young, the wise remain poor, the fool gets rich.

Which way to turn, it feels like giving up, but eyes on the prize, stay medicated, healing and burning worries.


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Love they profess but judgment they manifest, preaching charity but tie load on our backs.

The leaders don’t care, they choose who rule.

All Men Cry
Credit : Papua New Guinea Today

Why is the world cruel ?, they judge the original, and support the fake, they contend against the carriers of  light, the chosen generation, the anointed ones.

Went soul traveling, visions getting real, discover to recover,  there are angels on earth, and demon possessed souls.

Crooked road led to Canna, the land of milk and honey take what is yours, Always give, normalize thy Covenant.

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Crossing the Red Sea

Who am I ?, what is my purpose ?, The spirit of the Lord is on me, mission to liberate, to proclaim freedom and recovery of sight.

Called to serve, there is power in my destiny, making me a mystery, even in my misery, I know I have the seasoning and spices to make the world an aromatic paradise, for the Kingdom of God is within me.

All Men Cry
Find the Portal in you — ‘The Kingdom of God’

All Men Cry kissing the herb to take away the pain and loneliness.. Everyday is another battle, 7 demons charging for thy soul, every risk is calculated.

A silent wish that love may find thee, in the wilderness with a heavy cross resting on thy shoulder, thy soul craves that worries could grow wings, but only the cloud is listening, as the smoke wielding thy secret tears transcend with the hot east wind to the CREATOR of all.

All Men Cry but my tears stopped flowing, my weakness became passion, sorrow became motivation.

The sun dazzle, the moon dims, darkness makes the Stars shine even more brighter.

All Men Cry
Sun and moon

What you always think, what you see, what you believe then YOU ARE — ‘I AM THE I AM’.

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My eyes have seen it all, Nothing is as it seems, nothing is new, there is time for everything, time for birth and time for death, time for pain and time for joy, time for harvesting and time for planting, time for crying and time for laughing.

It has all happened before, you can dream it all but you can’t have it all, we all get to pay the prize.

All Men Cry even the bravest of them.

But always remember True Love will never die.


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