Animals that can belch Fire?

belch fire

Snakes have the ability to belch fire. This is still really cool, even though it can only occur under specific circumstances.

Simply put, if an animal a snake has consumed bursts while being digested and sufficiently fills the snake’s stomach with hydrogen, a nearby spark can transform the snake into a fire-breathing, armless, legless dragon.

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Spitfire is another animal that exhibits a similar characteristic in its own way.

Spitfires only exist in Australia. Although they don’t spit fire, their sting has a burning sensation. The below image cringe a little.

Spitfire refers to sawfly larvae, or technically, larvae. They are bristly black grubs that resemble weird caterpillars when they are young and develop into wasps with four wings but no stinger.

The steel-blue sawfly, which can be found in open places with abundance of gumtrees, is the most prevalent sawfly in South Australia.