Beauty Influencer Ethan Peters Dead at 17 After Apparent Overdose

Beauty Influencer Ethan Peters Dead at 17 After Apparent Overdose

Beauty influencer Ethan Peters — AKA, Ethan is Supreme — has died … according to those closest to him, he died from drug overdose.

Ethan passed away this weekend from overdose of Percocet (an opioid) … this according to his best friend and musician Ava Louise, who claims the guy had an addiction that he developed over the past couple years.

Ava says she wishes she would’ve done more to curb his drug usage — which she describes as pill-popping.

She went on to mourn his death in several Twitter posts. She describes his addiction as being fueled by fame at a young age.

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This right here is my best friend in the entire world. He was the only person I spoke to for months. I was all alone and struggling and Ethan inspired me again. He was here with me for my birthday 2 weeks ago and I’m so thankful I got to spend it with him. I’m so fucking thankful he flew out to bum ass Rutgers university to see me. We had our last FaceTime call last night and I am so so so sorry I cut it short. I can’t breathe. This is the worst pain I ever felt. Iv lost friends but never a best friend. Ethan saw me through my lows and celebrated my highs with me. He was so much more than what you all saw online. His amazing parents have been parents to me when mine haven’t been the best, so please respect their privacy at this time. Ethan fucking Peters I’m gunna make sure you legacy lives on you were meant for so much, the smartest teenager I knew. I hope there’s an afterlife and you’re doing wild shit up there I really fucking do.

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She said Beauty influencer Ethan cried out for help, but tragically it didn’t prevent his death.

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Ava also took the opportunity to lend a helping hand to anyone else struggling with addiction.

She posted phone numbers to hotlines and saying the disease shouldn’t be shamed, but rather discussed openly so folks can get the help they need before it’s too late.


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People like Tana MongeauManny MUA and Grace Auten, among others, posted tributes to their late friend who was just getting to build his own empire.

He had upwards of 500k followers on IG, and was steadily growing his fan base with makeup tutorials and fashion line shoots.

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I watch this and smile (then bawl my eyes out). Ethan flew all the way to New Jersey to spend my birthday with me…night one we tried to tase someone together and caused a classic ethan and Ava scene. Having a long distance bestie is difficult…there were times I wouldn’t leave my house because I was on FaceTime with him for the entire day talking about our futures, our dreams our goals, dumb shit, boys, Money, fame everything. There were a solid 4 months when Ethan was the only human I had conversations with, I was struggling and isolating myself and he got me out of it. He was there always. Ethans my only friend who was a REAL friend to me and got this dumb internet bullshit we both do. He introduced me to so many influential people, he helped blow skinny legend anthem up, he wanted to see me do well. He always said if I was winning he was winning to. I credit all my success to Ethan Peters. He told everyone he met how much he loved me and I appreciate those people for messaging me today. I have never had someone defend me (risk their own career and reputation to defend me) like Ethan has. He had my back and I’ll have his forever. Ethan Made mistakes but they were so small. He was a teenager struggling with drug addiction- drugs make you act so out of character. He was the most caring and smart person Iv ever met. His online persona was not a good representation of the best friend I had. Ethan Saved me so many times. I wish I could’ve saved him. I will forever regret not intervening harder. I will never forgive myself for it. But I ask all of you to smack drugs out of your friends hands. Buy them test kits. Force them to get help even if they say no. I never want any of you to feel what I feel right now. I lost someone I can never replace and I don’t know if I’ll ever bounce back from this. I really don’t.

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