Bedroom activities that are more than s*x in your relationship

Your bedroom is not only meant for sleeping and lovemaking. What if you or your partner is tired of lovemaking? What if you want to try something else? These interesting romantic bedroom activities will keep you and your lover happy and increase your intimacy while you recount your love for each other.

1. Make a picnic in bed.

Organize your favourite foods like chocolate, chips and nuts, turn on soft music, lose yourselves in each other’s embrace and dine while allowing the music to do the rest of the mental job.

Make it more romantic by caressing each other, feeding each other and whispering sweet words into each other’s ear.

2. Read books together.

Reading books together in your bedroom will provide you with interesting topics to discuss before bedtime. It could be any story book; romance, horror, adventure or crime. Pick the best genre and explore the moment together right in your bed.

3. Massage each other.

Massage can be as pleasurable as lovemaking if done properly. Get some massage oil and gently and romantically give each other a deserving massage right on your bed.

You can take turns. The turns can be daily, weekly or monthly. Whichever one you choose, ensure to deliver a satisfactory job when it is your turn.

4. Engage in sweet nothings.

Before you do this, ensure that you are all alone with your partner in the bedroom. Ensure that no one may come to disturb you. Turn off the lights and shut the doors and windows. Preferably, turn on soft or gentle music. Then hug each other amidst stolen kisses and say nice things to each other.

Tell yourselves how much you love each other. Do not make a loud noise. It is more romantic to whisper these sweet nothings into each other’s ear.

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5. Show your dancing skills.

Your bedroom can be turned to a dance floor. Turn on your favourite song and impress each other with your dancing skills.

6. Admire yourselves by looking quietly into each other’s eyes.

Admiration confirms love. This is best done in a very quiet place. Of course, you’ve got your bedroom. Perfect! Get on it and look into each other’s eyes without saying a work. Admire each other for as long as possible under the serene environment. You can turn on soft music if you like, but ensure that the volume is low enough.

7. Play like kids.

You can decide to play different kids of games of interest, but pillow fight is recommended. If you want to have fun and have it to the fullest in your bedroom, consider engaging in pillow fight. But before you initiate that, ensure that your partner won’t feel bad over it.

Ensure to be gentle and romantic in other not to hurt your partner. Hit each other gently because pillow can be painful when hit with full force.


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