Being Alone is The New Charm | ESSAY

Being Alone is the new charm, but many might have a different opinion concerning this shocking truth.

The last time I checked I was born alone, am going to die alone, I will be judged alone and would I face trials alone.

being alone- sinzuulive

Some people are insane to think that without them we won’t survive but they don’t know that the most important events that happen in life depends solely on ”YOU”, don’t allow people oppress you or make you feel like you don’t belong, or that you have to be something you are not to belong, that mindset is wrong.

You don’t need them to belong, all you need is ”YOU, God and your family”.

Be your self, be original, you don’t need people to be happy, you don’t need people to have fun, or to tell you what you need to do in your life, or how to live so they can accept you.

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Stop getting depressed by there words, free your self from mental slavery, you are blind to think that people will accept you for living by your own principle, can’t you see that everything lies solely on YOU.

It’s not selfishness, pride or ego , just love your self and be contented with what you have, I am telling you today, to be different, be weird, be inspired, friends don’t mean well if they are not chasing the same goal as you, instead of feeling estranged and rejected, work hard on yourself and employ those people to be your friend so that you can sack them anytime you feel there service is no longer required.

Wake up, stop chasing people, employ them, be the BOSS…. I speak for the ones without there own voice❤️❤️

As they say no man is an island but nobody said you can’t create your own island, create your own crowd and let them cheer you.

being alone - sinzuulive

Be the shepherd, be the lion, be unique, be original only change what dosen’t yield positively to your growth, have a mind of your own, be that voice in your mind, don’t allow anybody make you feel less, or not good enough, because you are the best at what you do, be a motivation to someone today.

Don’t give up on being the original you, Stay woke.


A mystery to the world, a ponder to thy self, Philosopher, Critical Thinker, Content creator, Creative Writer, Poet with the heart and skill of a Cinematographer- Call Me Entertainment.

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