Black Teen Choked And Struck By Corrections Deputy in Florida, Investigation Ongoing

Black Teen, Terrance Devon Reed III, was attacked by a Florida corrections deputy Neil Pizzo in a Juvenile centre…Its all captured on a surveillance footage.

The Black Teen, Terrance was taken to the hospital after the violent altercation with Sarasota County Deputy Pizzo last week.

The surveillance video shows Terrance sitting on a bench with his arms tucked in his shirt when Pizzo marches toward him.

As Terrance stands up and takes his arms out, the deputy immediately goes for his throat.

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A struggle ensues before Pizzo throws Reed to the ground, but at no point does the teenager appear to fight back.

Shortly another deputy jumps in to try to wrangle Terrance feet, and that’s when Pizzo strikes the teen on the back of the head multiple times.

Terrance was cuffed and helped to his feet … but not before suffering abrasions to his head.

It all began after Terrance — who was previously arrested and charged with contempt of court, probation violations and cocaine possession — became uncooperative in a police lineup.

But still doesn’t justify the violence by the deputy, who is now been placed on leave.

Sheriff  Tom Knight says he’s disappointed in what he saw and Pizzo’s failure to de-escalate the situation.

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Knight says he placed the deputy on administrative duty while an internal investigation is conducted.



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