Blind date gone wrong😂


I once went on a blind date when Port Harcourt mall was newly opened and the woman came with her three children. I almost fainted.

I initially thought that she was babysitting and didn’t want to come alone until I heard them calling her “mummy mummy” up and down. I wanted to cry.

They were very lovely children so I began to wonder why in all the times we had spoken and chatted did she forget to mention that she had 3 children.

Anyway, 10 minutes later the children were jumping up and down my body while she was smiling and encouraging them and passersby were doing “awwn so cute” for us.

“Uncle Brian, buy me this, uncle Brian, buy me that”

I was still a broke boy then so my ATM card was obviously laughing at me when I told the waiter that I would have only water while my guests were digging deep into their chicken wings and breast.

When the children were running around, I found one small window to ask her why she never mentioned the fact that she has 3 children.

She smiled away the question and continued eating her chicken breast while I ordered another bottle of water because I was having chest pain from the bill that was coming.

One of her cute boys ran to hug me with the chicken wing in his hand and ran away again and this woman was like “Awwn, they like you”

My wallet did not like this at all.

When we were done, I was walking them to the car park and she goes “I and the kids had fun. When should we do this again?”

I told her that I don’t know, that I was leaving the country

I offered to drop them off with my 190 Benz but I was secretly hoping that she will decline because I had calculated the fuel I had and if I even enter one unplanned street on my way home, the fuel will finish.

Luckily for me she declined that she already had a ride coming to pick her.

Who? I asked.

Her husband.


Written By: Brian Dennis


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