Blueface’s Artist Chrisean Rock Arrested In New Orleans For Oklahoma Bench Warrant

Blueface’s artist and boo thang Chrisean Rock has been arrested in New Orleans, Louisiana for a bench warrant out of Oklahoma.

Chrisean, full name Chrisean Malone, was arrested in Oklahoma on Valentine’s Day (February 14), after stealing Blueface’s car. Apparently, the budding rapper got into it with her boss/boo and took off!

Blueface said Chrisean stole one of his cars and attempted to drive back to her native city of Baltimore, Maryland from Blue’s mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Now, according to Chrisean’s charging documents at the time of her arrest in Oklahoma, she was hit with a charge of receive, possess, conceal stolen vehicle.

The documents also noted that she was hit with some drug related charges as well. Those included: distribution of controlled substance, possess with intent.

After catching wind of Chrisean’s arrest, Blueface hopped online and took to his Instagram Story to let the public know what had happened.

Blue posted on his story and said, “B*tch stole my car an thought she was gone drive to Baltimore 25 hrs away. Dumbass.”

In a second post to his story, Blue added, “A thief is the worst thing you can be as a female. I’d have more respect for a prostitute…talm bout some ‘come bail me out.’”

In addition to Blueface’s comments, his manager Wack 100 also spoke out. Wack said, “This Bozo deserves all that she has coming to her! Broke in the house again stole thousands. Stole the G Wagon. As we found out not knowing it was her. 1700 miles away, got caught. I have no remorse for his BOZO.”

Wack continued, “Now I gotta go get the car out the impound and pay another 5,000 for a transport service to bring it back! If it was you how would you see it!!! And it looks like she was moving work from the charges! Smh.”

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Now, on April 29, Chrisean was due to appear in court back in Oklahoma for her February arrest. However, Chrisean failed to appear and the presiding judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

Chrisean has been touring the country with the ladies of Zeus Network’s ‘Bad Girls LA.’ She’s also been uploading consistently to her social media, showing every city and club she’s been touching down in.

So for law enforcement agencies, Chrisean’s uploads led them straight to her. And subsequently, on Friday (May 13), she was caught in New Orleans, as she was turning up with the ‘Bad Girls LA‘ touring members.

On Friday evening, at 5:55PM (local time), Chrisean was booked for her out of state bench warrant. At the time of publishing this article, it is reported that she remains in custody, and reportedly is being held without any bail.


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