(Video) Brazilian Female Model Torch Herself After Arguing With Her Girlfriend

Brazilian female model Katiuscia shocked the world as she accidentally set herself on fire after a brief argument with her girlfriend.

Katiuscia Silva Mota, 31, was captured in a surveillance camera arguing with her 21-year-old girlfriend outside her apartment in the São Diogo neighbourhood of Serra on Monday, August 10.

The duo continued their argument as they went into the building before Katiuscia began to pull her partner back as she attempted to leave the building.

After letting go of her partner, Katiuscia went back inside.

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Some minutes later she was seen running out of the building with part of her body on fire as her girlfriend and others rushed to her aid and try to contain the flames.

The Brazilian female model was rushed to the Jayme dos Santos Neves Hospital in Serra, after suffering 40 percent burns to her body.

The extremely unpleasant accident was reported to have been caused by a lighter fluid- maybe she wanted to lit a cigarette.

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Police in southeastern Brazil are now investigating the incident.



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