#Bruised Boy, 4 was Starved to Death by Dad and Girlfriend : Dehydrated in a Trailer

#Bruised boy 4, died weighing just 25 pounds.

His father and girlfriend in Indiana have been charged with murder and neglect of a dependent after the man’s four-year-old son died. heart wrenching report revealed that he was covered in bruises.

An autopsy report declares that the Bruised Boy died from dehydration, malnutrition and neglect, Darien Davis lived only 4 years on earth.

#Bruised boy 4- sinzuuliveblog
Autopsy reveals bruises on Darien’s body

His father Jacob Davis, 28, and his girlfriend Michelle Key, 34, were arrested this week after Darien was found dead in their mobile home at 300 block of Glenwood Drive, in New Castle.

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The autopsy also stated that one of the boy’s eyes was swollen shut, and there was bruising all over his body.

#Bruised boy 4- sinzuuliveblog
Jacob Davis, Darien’s father, called the police

His father Davis called police officials after he said he had found the boy unresponsive in the living room.

The Indy Channel reports On arrival, an officer performed CPR on the child.

However medics determined Darien had already been dead some time.

His girlfriend Michelle Key has also been charged with murder and neglect

There were “numerous amounts of cat and dog feces throughout the trailer… Investigators found the mobile home to be in poor condition  odds on affidavit.

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Fox59 reported — Authorities described the boy as “extremely pale, extremely thin to the point his knees were extremely large when compared to the legs”,

The #Bruised boy, who is 4-years old, was a cut over his right eye and the eye appeared swollen shut. He also had “cuts, abrasions, and bruising over most of his body.

The pair appeared in court this week to plead not guilty to the charges.

Their next court hearing is in August and a trial has been set for September.

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Four other children lived there with Davis and Key.


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