Can Pythons withstand the venom of a King Cobra?

King Cobra

A King Cobra (the world’s longest venomous snake) tried to catch, kill, and devour this Reticulated Python (which grows to be the world’s longest snake), but was coiled and strangled by the python and perished as a result. When they were discovered, both were dead.

King Cobra and Reticulated Python Kill Each Other, End Up in Knots

The King has finally met its match…

When cobras attack, they aim for the base of their prey’s head and kill by injecting a venomous concoction that quickly paralyzes nervous systems and paralyzes their prey. They can handle almost any snake they come across.

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After being bitten behind the head by the cobra and suffering from the deadly venom of the hooded snake, the python attempted to protect itself by squeezing its adversary to death.

That was a success. They use their muscles to strangle their prey, which is usually mammals rather than other snakes.

Yet, neither lived.

It’s unclear how frequently these types of apex snake conflicts occur in the wild. While we cannot be certain if this fight to the death was the result of a natural encounter or was imposed upon the snakes, the sequence of events appears to be apparent in this case.

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The king cobra bit a little more than it could swallow. With the adult python’s huge size, the python did precisely what pythons do: it curled up around and strangled its attacker.

However, a python’s strength is no match for a cobra’s venom. It would soon kill the python, perhaps within 30 minutes, and they would both be dead.