Caroline Strawson demonstrates how women might experience “post-traumatic growth” in the aftermath of abusive relationship.

abusive relationship

When you’re a woman living with trauma from an abusive relationship with a narcissist, there may appear to be no way out. Caroline Strawson, a multi-award-winning ICF Certified Somatic Trauma Informed Coach and Therapist, offers good news: you can, and she’s living proof.

“In 1999, I met and married a covert narcissist,” she explains. “I had no idea I was in an abusive relationship until our marriage ended in 2021, and I was a shell of myself.”

She struggled with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and self-harm until she reached the “rock bottom.” She acknowledges, “I often considered suicide, but I had two children I could not abandon.”

When Strawson discovered that talk therapy just made her feel worse

She started researching various forms of alternative medicine. Her 20 certifications include Certified High-Performance Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotherapy Trainer, and Certified Breathwork Teacher.

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She is currently a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and an ICF Accredited Trauma-Informed Certified Coach. She is an accredited divorce and breakup coach and has additional specialties in neuroscience and somatic experiencing.

Her research has combined all of these diverse facets into a single, all-encompassing strategy based on somatic therapy and positive psychology. She claims, “I am driven to serve women.” “I experienced narcissistic and financial abuse, and it almost destroyed me. The word “narcissism” is widely misunderstood and overused. I approach it utilizing Internal Family Systems, a non-shaming, evidence-based treatment.

For Strawson, the concept of “post-trau3matic growth” is crucial.

She claims that she “brings a somatic look at recovery” and frequently uses the term “post-traumatic growth” in her work to provide hope in those who have suffered narcissistic abuse.

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It is about inspiration, hope, education, and working on the neurological system. Due to prior childhood trauma, I assist clients in getting into their bodies and reconnecting with feelings that they may have previously deemed to be too painful.

The IFC and PCD-accredited School of Divorce Studies was established by the three-time bestselling author, whose most recent book is Divorce Become My Superpower.

“Help educate, heal, and inspire people from trauma so they can shift from Post-Traumatic Stress to Post-Traumatic Development,” according to the Embodiment Trauma Informed Living program. Additionally, the program shows others how to perform the crucial work that she does.

Strawson’s Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma Healing podcast has over 150 5-star ratings and 3.3 million downloads. The support network has over 30,000 members on Facebook, as well as a low-cost healing membership called Thrivers and a YouTube channel filled with useful information.