Casey King, an obese reality star, shed 600 pounds following life-altering weight loss surgery.

Casey King

Casey King, who formerly weighed 845 pounds, has lost 600 pounds as a result of a weight loss procedure that changed his life. King’s weight on social media is 250 pounds, with 225 being his target.

Casey King has made an appearance on the TLC reality series “Family By the Ton,” for those who may not be aware. The bariatric surgery the Georgia native, 38, got in 2019 has since assisted King in losing over two-thirds of his body weight.

Family By The Ton' Spoilers: Casey King and Family Prepare For Final Reveal  | Soap Dirt
Family By The Ton’ Spoilers: Casey King and Family Prepare For Final Reveal | Soap Dirt

While on the TLC reality series, King previously stated, “I will just eat till I’m dead. A normal day for me is to wake up around 12, figure out something I am going to eat immediately, [and then] TV, video games, bed. It’s not a lot of activity.”

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King has been following a strict fitness and nutrition regimen for the past four years in addition to having weight loss surgery.

King also disclosed that he was always overweight and was referred to as a “big kid” while filming the series. He was 300 pounds by the time he received his high school diploma.

King worked in a number of restaurants after graduating, which only made his eating habits worse. Years later, he finally moved in with his father, where he continued to put on weight until he finally weighed an incredible 845 pounds.

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Living with his father and accumulating so much weight, King even acknowledged that simple tasks like washing and even cleaning his buttocks had become difficult, requiring his father’s assistance.

He said 

“I need his help a little bit to clean myself, you know, wiping just my a— because I can’t reach everything on my back, and I can’t reach everything below me. Because I am a bigger guy with, like, folds and flaps, I have to move around, almost like a pig in a way, and wallow and roll over to get the back of my leg. I have to lift up literal pieces of skin. It’s just a super difficult process.”