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Amber Heard has the world’s most beautiful face, according to science

You may or may not like Amber Heard but a scientist has found that Amber Heard has been proven to have the most beautiful face in the world. The actress has a perfect face, as per a specific mapping algorithm. Dr. Julian De Silva from the Centre for Advanced Facial […]

Dutch company Lightyear to launch the world’s first solar car by the end of 2022

A Dutch company will begin shipping the world’s first yield solar car to clients later this year. The company is offering months of charge-free driving throughout the summer. Lightyear, launched in 2016, is producing 949 cars with curving solar panels on the front and roof. The sun’s energy can provide […]

Which are some of the most expensive cities to live in in 2022?

Shanghai has topped the list of the world’s most expensive cities to live in for the rich, as per Julius Baer Group’s 2022 global wealth and lifestyle report. London, the capital of the UK, has been ranked second. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is number three on the list, while […]

Factors that can make a woman miss her period often

There are certain diseases or health conditions that can cause a woman to have missed or irregular menstruation, but there are still minor lifestyle issues that may be responsible for it. If you find yourself suffering or let’s say experiencing missed or irregular menstruation, then you should consider looking into […]

Men’ Health: What to do if you have lost the desire to have sex with your wife

Sex is one of the most used forms of pleasure for men and women. Nothing prevents men from living without s3x, but it is recommended as a healthy activity for body and mind. For this reason, s3xual problems can greatly disrupt people’s lives. When a man is married, s3xual dysfunctions […]

Brutal Truths About Relationships

The truth is that relationships are not easy. They’re never easy. Relationships require compromise. They require you to extend yourself for the sake of the other, and they require you to redefine the definition of love that our culture has handed to you. When you are able to accept this, […]

Aphrodisiac Foods that increase Sexual Libido in Men

You already know that a healthy and balanced diet is very important to keep not only your health up to date, but a good sexual health as well. There are foods that can help improve your s3xual performance, like chocolate, pepper and cinnamon. These foods have nutrients with stimulating properties. […]

Bedroom activities that are more than s*x in your relationship

Your bedroom is not only meant for sleeping and lovemaking. What if you or your partner is tired of lovemaking? What if you want to try something else? These interesting romantic bedroom activities will keep you and your lover happy and increase your intimacy while you recount your love for […]

Supreme Court receives warnings over abortion law from hacker group Anonymous

The United States Supreme Court received warnings from the hacking group Anonymous. Anonymous issued a threat in response to documents about the abortion law. The leaked documents showed five of the court’s judges seeking to overturn the country’s abortion law. Roe versus Wade established a legal right to safe medical abortion for […]

Gianni Versace’s New York mansion is on sale for $70 million

A lavish property of late designer Gianni Versace is up for grab. Priced at $70 million, it is a 35-foot-wide Neoclassical limestone property. The mansion, built-in 1950, offers the buyer a chance to “live like royalty” and “own a piece of real estate and fashion history,” the listing says. In […]


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