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Why did NASA abort the crucial ‘Artemis mission’ rocket test launch by just 29 seconds?

NASA aborted a crucial Artemis Mission test flight with merely 29 seconds to spare. Read to find out the reason behind the last-minute cancellation. Artemis Mission test flight aborted This was the fourth consecutive aborted attempt in the mega moon rocket mission. The agency revealed a hydrogen leak as the […]

Scientists discover a multiplanet system just 33 light-years away

Scientists discovered a multiplanet system hosting two earth-type planets just 33 light-years away from us. Here’s all you need to know about it. NASA spots a Multiplanet system with Earth-sized planets NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) spotted a multiplanet system in our galactic neighborhood. The system is present just […]

Discover the Largest Tiger Rattlesnake Ever Recorded

Key Points Up until 1982, the tiger rattlesnake largest specimen on record was 34.8 inches. Then, a 35.9-inch snake broke the record. The Guinness Book of World Records holds that the largest rattlesnake ever discovered was 7 feet 8 inches and 34 pounds. Tiger rattlesnakes are aggressive and their bites […]

The Bishop forced himself on me twice till started bleeding- Assistant Pastor reveals

Bishop Daniels, the founder of a church in Lagos State, might be in big trouble after he was accused of r*ping a 22-year-old assistant pastor at his Lekki residence. Reports have it that the Bishop is married with kids. Speaking to Punch Newspaper, the victim narrated how the incident happened. […]

Microplastics discovered in Antarctic snow for the first time

After making their presence known in the water, human lungs, and blood, microplastics breach another frontier. Read to know what its presence in freshly fallen Antarctic snow means. Microplastics found in fresh snow For the first time, researchers confirmed the presence of microplastics in freshly fallen snow in Antarctica. This […]

Japan: New world record for data speed is 100,000 times faster than 5G

Researchers in Japan have achieved data transmission speeds that are almost 100,000 times faster than 5G. The Network Research Institute at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) achieved the world record by completing data transmission at a speed of 1.02 petabit (PB) per second. It is equivalent […]

UK to introduce new visa that allows university graduates to relocate to the country

The United Kingdom has announced that it will begin issuing a new visa that allows holders of first degrees, masters, and doctorates to travel to the country and work in fields such as science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship by May 30. The visa – high potential individual (HPI) visa, allows […]

Facts about Nancy Green, the woman behind Aunt Jemima Syrup

In June 2020, the Quaker Oats Company announced that it would be re-branding its Aunt Jemima line of products — syrup, pancake mix, and other breakfast foods — because the brand’s origins were based on racial stereotypes. Kristin Kroepfl, vice president and chief marketing officer of Quaker Foods North America, […]

Technology at its peak, photos of World First Transparent Car.

The automobile industry is producing innovation and the world first transparent car is a proof . .It’s no doubt that technology has made life better, and even more comfortable for the average person in this present era. It’s amazing how technology has changed the world since the stone age. In […]

The Different Human Sexual Orientation ( Polysexual, Sapiosexual etc.)

Human sexuality has a lot to do with the way humans experience romantic or sexual attractions and the overall preference and interest we have in those relationships. According to who we have as our romantic or sexual partner at a particular point in time doesn’t define our sexual orientation, […]


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