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The world’s biggest bacterium found in Caribbean mangrove swamp, visible to the naked eye

Scientists have discovered the world’s largest bacteria in a mangrove swamp in the Caribbean. While most bacteria are only seen through the microscope, this one is visible to the naked eye. Scientists identify the largest bacteria ever Scientists discovered the largest bacterium known to man in a shallow mangrove swamp […]

‘Largest python ever’ on record captured in the US carrying 122 eggs

A team of US researchers captured the largest Burmese python ever discovered in the state of Florida on Thursday. The female serpent is almost 18 feet long. It weighed about 98 kg, according to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. Moreover, this species is considered to be an invasive one in Florida, researchers said. Researchers had to wrestle […]

Trumpet, a bloodhound, wins Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show

Trumpet, a bloodhound from Saint Joseph, Illinois was crowned the Best in Show winner at the 146th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Wednesday night The show is the second-oldest continuous sporting event in the US after Kentucky Derby. The show crowned its winner among contenders who won in earlier best-in-group competitions. 4 […]

World’s largest freshwater fish found in the Mekong

A 300kg stingray fish was caught in the Mekong River in Cambodia. Scientists say it is the biggest freshwater fish ever documented. It unseated the previous record-holder, a 646lb Mekong giant catfish caught in Thailand in 2005. There is no official record-keeping or database of the world’s biggest freshwater fish. The Mekong […]

World’s biggest freshwater fish, a 660-pound 13 foot stingray, caught in Cambodia

Cambodian villagers on the Mekong River have caught what researchers say is the world’s biggest freshwater fish ever recorded, a stingray that weighed in at 661 pounds (about 300 kilograms). The gigantic fish took around a dozen men to haul to shore. Named Boramy — meaning “full moon” in the […]

Scientists discover “Superworms” capable of munching through plastic waste

Scientists discovered a species of worm with an appetite for polystyrene. Read to know how their gut enzyme may be the answer to revolutionizing recycling plastic. Superworms can munch through plastic waste Scientists from the University of Queensland discovered that superworms, the larvae of Zophobas morio darkling beetles can eat and digest […]

Glacial ice could be a lifeline for polar bears as ice melts

Most polar bears depend upon the ice in the sea to survive. However, scientists discovered that those in Southeast Greenland are using glacial ice as hunting platforms and habitats. Here is more on the extraordinary step. A new subpopulation of polar bears survive on glacial ice Change is the only […]

Pugs ‘no longer considered a typical dog’ due to high health risks

German town grounds cats to save rare birds

In the southwestern German town of Walldorf, the authorities have ordered cat owners to keep their pets inside until the end of August. The order has come in the light of protecting a rare bird during its breeding season. The authorities have designed this decree in order to help save the […]

Largest ichthyosaur tooth on Earth discovered in Swiss Alps

The remains of a huge sea creature with huge teeth have been found in the Swiss Alps. One of the largest animals on Earth Paleontologists discovered fossils representing three new ichthyosaurs. They may have been among the largest animals to have roamed the earth. Unearthed between 1976 and 1990 in the Swiss […]


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