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A Love That Never Gives Up – Love Quote By Zuuvision

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Zuuvision (@zuuvision) You taught me a new meaning to the word Love ❤️. Which has never been learnt by me before. A love that never gives up . A love that blossom with trials and distance. Thank you for […]

Dream Dictionary : Dreams and Its Interpretation.

Dream Dictionary is a compilation of dreams and its interpretation. Every human dreams but not everybody can interpret it. Dream is a very important aspect of our existence and being able to understand the meaning of the dream, helps the individual to navigate properly in life. Most times God speak to […]

Life is truly short – Keep your hope alive with these inspired message.

Today’s birth is tomorrow’s death- we should be grateful for every fleeing inhale and exhale, day or night, we spend on this fantasy called earth- Life is truly short. Forgive to be forgiven, give freely to be given– feed your soul and be the change you desire to see. The […]

The Secret Portal To Infinite Possibilities in a woman’s reproductive organ

There are many secrets in the world that are waiting to be uncovered, likewise many secret portal that can lead to different dimensions of existence. This secret portal can be used to transport, manifest spirit, soul, body, blessings and curses, Knowledge and folly, light and darkness, infirmity and healing etc […]

The Power of a woman in sexual intercourse Written by ZUUVISION

In Recent time Women desire to rule this generation… its glorious and its slowly manifesting. We all enjoy the fact that women are taking there rightful place in the society, and getting  there due respect and rights — but truly for some it’s more than feminism, for some it’s the Amazon […]

The Lady In A White Dress | Dreamy Love Poem By Zuuvision

I found love in my dream, she captured me, with her by my side we would transcend. She tickles my heart with joy of fulfillment — she’s the only woman I can submit to. She’s the lady in a ”white dress”, I dozed but my soul was awake. My eagle […]

Ever Thought About What Love Said ? — Written by Zuuvision

Love said come and find me and I will run and hide for you to seek, then show my self and get all over you. >Love is Crazy Its delusional, it makes you do unimaginable things, it can lead you to jump off a cliff teasing you all the way […]

All Men Cry | Heart to Heart Poem By Zuuvision

All Men Cry, thy tears so cold, thy soul so old, thy mind so bold. Trust none they say, friends turn foes, the guilt go free, the good die young, the wise remain poor, the fool gets rich. Which way to turn, it feels like giving up, but eyes on […]

Ooh Dear Pain | From The Heart Poem By Zuuvision

Ooh dear pain, how I love your awakening embrace, you opened my eyes with tears, smothering my heart with sorrow, you taught me through trials and tribulation, every night I cherished death, every morning I fought life. Ooh dear pain, how I love your warm hands, it nudged my soul, […]

Roses With Thorn Don’t Look Less Attractive Letter by Zuuvision

The sweet smelling flowers of your love can turn my whole garden flourish with fragrance. Without your love, my green land will become a desert. I firmly believe that your love alone can provide true meaning to my life. The purpose of my life is to simply love you. Your […]