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Roses With Thorn Don’t Look Less Attractive Letter by Zuuvision

The sweet smelling flowers of your love can turn my whole garden flourish with fragrance. Without your love, my green land will become a desert. I firmly believe that your love alone can provide true meaning to my life. The purpose of my life is to simply love you. Your […]

Passionate Love with Zero Prejudice – Letter To Her

#PASSIONATE LOVE LETTER TO HER I want to start by letting you know how humbling, writing this letter makes me feel. My joy would be complete, if you can read and understand my heart completely, then this emotion would remain strong and healthy, because I am not able to shut […]

Estranged Love is a Letter – Turned Story of a Long distance Love that grew Cold

ESTRANGED LOVE I have loved you for an era, but you seem not to understand how deep it frustrates me, to never receive what I genuinely offer. Your love for me has been ping pong, you are a very good player. you call me “boo, hun and bae”, how engaging […]

Ever Wondered How Deep my Love is for you ? – Letter to Her

Deep Love Letter Good morning my heart in a human form . You have asked, imagined and thought about, how deep my love for you. This questions guided my mind to compose this letter written in depth of sweet memories we have shared, the charm you bestow, and the warmth […]

The Hardest Part About Falling In Love, Is Expressing Love – Letter to Her

EXPRESSIVE LOVE  This letter has been kept a secret in my heart for a long while. I’ve never had a hard time saying what I feel but that seems to have changed ever since I met you. Even now, It seems difficult to write down everything you have offered to […]

You Possessed My Heart with a Hello Love Letter to Her

MY HEART LETTER  Never in my wildest dream did I think I would meet a lady that could possess and win my heart at “Hello”. Every seconds from when I wake up till deep in the darkness, there is no place on earth I would rather be than cuddling and […]

Love like Oxygen-Deep Heart Touching Love Letter to her

Love like Oxygen  Your Love is like Oxygen, it adds more years to my life. You are the serene air that I breathe, the very ingredients of love that i need, you have touched my heart, my soul and my mind. Your charisma is euphoric, I feel so possessed. Everything […]

Addictive Love Letter to Her

ADDICTIVE LOVE Dear …. Words fall short to express my innate feelings . I constantly search for the right words, and they all seem vague than I truly feel. You are my life, my heart, and my soul mate, my best friend. My one true love that i have always […]

I Have Been Loving You for A Long Long Time- Love Letter

Loving is indescribable. Its been a while since we met. I can’t believe how long I’ve been loving you and contained my love for you. The look in your eyes and your smile melted my heart. Those smooth cheeks of yours, oh, I wished I could’ve given you a kiss […]


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