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A Love That Never Gives Up – Love Quote By Zuuvision

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Zuuvision (@zuuvision) You taught me a new meaning to the word Love ❤️. Which has never been learnt by me before. A love that never gives up . A love that blossom with trials and distance. Thank you for […]

I Serve Only One God – Quote

SERVE READ ALSO | Talent is Addictive Like a Drug- Quote

Talent is Addictive Like a Drug- Quote

TALENT READ ALSO | Do Fallen Leaves Remind You Of Me – Poem

The deeper i harvest- Dream Quote

The deeper i harvest into my thoughts The farther i am from the world. Dreamers paradise READ ALSO- I hugged my fear- Courage Quote

I hugged my fear- Courage Quote

I hugged my fear then a voice called out. “I am the fear and the courage, i dwell in you. You have the power to say no to fear, because its not Real. Fear of the unknown doesn’t exist, its all in your head. READ ALSO- Great victory is a […]

My life is under construction- Life Quote

My life is under construction Am still growing, learning how to be a better Me Jesus Christ is Lord. READ ALSO- We wake up every morning- Life Poem

Great victory is a product of great trial- Victory Quote

Great victory is a product of great test. Embrace your trials. READ ALSO- Obama called out Trumps response to COVID-19 as an absolute ‘Chaotic Disaster’

I came to build souls- Awakening Quote

I came to build souls not houses. I came to open eyes not doors. I came to trample down fear, Cause its fruit has no future in my existence. The word we profess in our life becomes our testimony. READ ALSO- Let the rainbow be the sign of our covenant- […]

Am implementing my visions- Insight Quote

Am implementing my visions, my dreams became my imagination Am under a stargazing spell, a slave to my MASTER. We are all slaves of something supernatural, bigger than death. READ ALSO- Its been years but the thoughts of you lives forever in my mind-Poem

My battle is a Motivational Quote

My battle is not of Flesh but of Spirit that sees no End. SEE ALSO- Its been years- Poem