Conceptualization of Her love | Heart Touching Poem

Conceptualization of Her love- sinzuuliveblog

Conceptualization of Her love is like a morning fragrance of a fresh red rose, the sight and scent of goodness.

Poets describe this kind of love as a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides, one that overwhelms logic and common sense.

She had my mind twisted in a perplexed embrace of daze, who could save me from her spell ?

My mind plays a movie of delusion of our past and future occurrence, with us laced up in lovers embrace.

She is an unruly thought that keeps looping inside my head.

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The rumination of her dreamy eyes and perfect budding lips tickles my fervor.

Conceptualization of Her love- sinzuuliveblog
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Her love pierced my skin and dig deep into my soul eating me up like a parasite.

She wrapped up my heart in her purse and took it with her, but unconsciously she left a part of her essence in me.

When I close my eye lid, I could hear her laughter, which springs up momentarily happiness laced with pain.

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I lost her in the wind, she is long gone, but am not in tune with that reality.

Conceptualization of Her love- sinzuuliveblog
Conceptualization of her love

I stand in wonder of how deep she burrowed inside of me, that made her irreplaceable.

She tricked me into loving her with my whole but she never cared to reciprocate.

Thinking about her crumbles my shaky world, I wish I can cease this epic rigmarole of nightmares, and be free from her magnetism.