Couples Can Kiss When Separated By Miles With A Lip-Shaped Phone Accessory


A new lip-shaped phone accessory enables lovers to kiss even when they are thousands of miles apart.

According to reports, a new mobile device called the Remote Kiss enables couples to experience kissing from a distance. According to a report by Oddity Central, the accessory relies on pressure sensors, actuators, and soft silicone to simulate the user’s kisses from any location in the world as long as their partner has their own device and an internet connection. The product is primarily marketed for couples in long-distance relationship.

Although being advertised and offered on the Taobao online market, the product gained popularity on social media after customers posted pictures of the kissing gadget.

Nevertheless, in order for the product to function, it must be plugged into a phone’s charging port, and the user must connect the two gadgets using Remote Kiss’s app. The software will also request both users’ permission before use.

The project was initially developed by Jiang Zhongli while he was a student at the Changzhou Vocational School of Mechatronic Technology. Jiang Zhongli is the inventor of the device.

He submitted a patent application for the invention in 2019

when his patent eventually expired this year, he expressed amazement that it had gained so much popularity. Also, he was motivated to come up with the concept while he and his girlfriend were maintaining a distant relationship.

“In my university, I was in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend so we only contacted each other by phone, that’s where the inspiration of this device originated,”
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Lip-Shaped Phone Accessory

Lip-Shaped Phone Accessory