Cuckoo Woman Sentenced To Prison For Cutting Off Hand For $1.2m insurance scam

Cuckoo Woman Sentenced To Prison For Cutting Off Hand For $1.2m insurance scam

Cuckoo Woman and her boyfriend went extra length in an Insurance Scam.

Julija Adlesic, a citizen of Slovenia, cut off her hand — and now she’ll have 2 years of deep thinking in prison.

Before the self inflicted hand amputation, she went and registered with 5 insurance companies and they got 5 policies totaling more than $1 million.

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To get the loot, they cut off her hand with a circular saw and then filed a claim — presumably some sort of disability claim.

The insurance policies would have paid her half up front and the balance in monthly installments.

Cuckoo Woman - sinzuuliveblog
Julija Sitting in Court

But karma took place and they got busted. the Cuckoo Woman went to the hospital for treatment without the hand, that was were questions arose.

The couple claims Adlesic’s left hand was accidentally sawed off while cutting branches at her home in the Slovenian capital. They left the hand at the location of the incident when they went to the hospital.

The day before, Adlesic’s boyfriend had done an internet search for prosthetic hands, which prosecutors said was further evidence that the hand removal had been deliberate.

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They claim the couple left the hand behind when they went to the hospital to ensure the injury was permanent, but Adlesic’s hand was recovered and reattached.

The 22-year-old woman was claiming she is innocent but was sentenced to 2 years in prison.  The boyfriend got 3 years.


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