Daisy Coleman of ‘Audrie & Daisy’ Self Slaughter Hours After Wellness Check

Daisy Coleman of ‘Audrie & Daisy’ Self Slaughter Hours After Wellness Check

Daisy Coleman took her own life after her mother who noticed her daughter was suffering mentally, decided to get her a wellness check, but that didn’t work either.

Daisy is one of the teenage girls featured in the Netflix documentary “Audrie & Daisy” about multiple rape cases — took her own life Tuesday night.

TMZ broke the story and We learned that she died in Lakewood, Colorado.

Spokesperson for the Lakewood PD, John Romeroreveals that daisy was at an apartment around 4 PM that day when officers were called to make a wellness check for a “possible suicidal party” at the residence.

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Melinda Daisy’s mom called in for the wellness check as she was bothered about her daughter .

Romero says the police department responded by sending paramedics and agents trained in crisis intervention.

Late Daisy Coleman talked to the agents for over an hour, but she never said anything or gave any indication she wanted to harm herself.

 She was medically cleared, and there was no legal reason to hold her for mental health issues.

Sadly, reports have it that  police received another call around 8:30 PM from a female friend of Daisy’s, reporting that she had shot herself inside the same apartment.


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Cops say Daisy used a pistol to fire the fatal shot. Daisy lived 23 years old on earth.

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Daisy was one of the subjects of the 2016 Netflix documentary, which followed her and members of her family as they dealt with the trauma of her alleged sexual assault in January 2012 when she was just 14 years old … as well as the antagonistic reaction of her Missouri community.

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