David Beckham Felt ‘Frightened’ For His Family After Alleged Stalker Showed Up To His Daughter’s School

David Beckham was left feeling “threatened’ and “frightened” for his family when a woman named Sharon Bell allegedly showed up at his daughter’s school, claiming she was her mother, a London court heard today.

According to Metro, the stalker is under the delusional belief she once shared a relationship with the former British soccer player, that he and his wife Victoria Beckham stole her eggs, and that she was the biological mother of their 10-year-old child.

Sharon is alleged to have sent several letters to the family’s two homes in London in the past year and made the bold move to show up at Harper’s elementary school, right around the same time Victoria arrived to collect her little girl.

Prosecutor Arizuna Asante expressed in court on Friday, “He [David] felt threatened, he felt frightened for the safety of his family, and he believed this behavior was targeted and intimidating. He says he does not know the defendant and she is not the mother of his children.”

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Sharon, who was not present for the hearing today because she is currently in hospital after being placed on a 5150 hold, will be made to testify in court when the trial begins on July 12.

Her attorney, Lisa Wilson, has requested that if the court does not find her client to be insane, she would want the Beckham couple to be called in as witnesses to question them about their accusations against Sharon.

Arizuna expressed, “The defense can’t have their cake and eat it. On one hand, those instructions amount to insanity but at the same time it appears that the defense want to put that insane delusion to Mr Beckham and ultimately to Ms Beckham as well.

“The defense approach is internally inconsistent and unfair to the prosecution. It is in the interest of justice for a police statement to be read as bringing the Beckhams into court could subject them to further harassment.”

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News of today’s court hearing comes just weeks after Victoria and David’s son Brooklyn Beckham tied the knot with his now-wife Nicola Peltz in a lavish Miami ceremony, which reportedly cost over $3 million to put together. Following their nuptials, it was reported that David had gotten “choked up” as he watched his eldest son tie the knot. “David’s speech went on for about five minutes and he looked to shed a tear at one point,” a source said.

“He was talking about when Brooklyn was born and how he wanted to protect him. He said he was sleeping on the hospital floor, holding the door shut because he didn’t want to let anyone get in.”


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