Depression : Natural Remedy, Causes, Symptoms, Types and more…..


Depression is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection, whereby the victim feels helpless, hopeless, angry, anxiety, panic attacks, sorrow, Loss of appetite or gain of appetite, lack of sleep or fear,  which could be attributed by failure, bully, abuse, sickness, low self esteem, bipolar etc.

Depression is a Mental Disease.

Depression natural cure

Depression being the order of the day, as many souls perish because of this #spiritual illness, having a bitter taste of life even though the breath of life is sweet.


Depression natural cure
#New Growth

The most shocking revelation about depression is that, most people feel that smoking, sex, drinking or use of hard drugs can heal this illness.

Its like pouring salt in an injury, you might feel relieved when you are ”high” , but once the drug, smoke, or drinks fades, you become more depressed than before. 

It makes you crave more of those drugs, alcohol, etc the secret behind depression that most #Youths, #Teens and #Old feel normally come in the form of emptiness which rob minds of happiness and of Joy, thereby feeling lost and confused, ”she failed me, he failed me, I failed me, they failed me, the World is against me, I am alone, they bully me” etc

All this negativity can be threshed with knowledge, the unforeseen Understanding, buttered with wisdom and insight, is the #antidote for depression.

Depression is spiritual and can be contacted sometimes, through sex.

Unknowingly to most people, if you are sleeping with someone with #STD, you tend to contact a disease, that is how depression is contacted as well.

When you have sexual intercourse with someone that is a victim of this spiritual disease, he or she will  transfer the same energy or mood to you.

Most men or women that sleep around, have a symptom of depression, but regardless of science there is a cure in Learning.

Knowledge is therapeutic because you know you are not alone or a total failure.

When ever you start lacking energy,  then it means you are lacking ;


Depression natural cure
#Discover to Recover

Study, learn a new talent, go out, talk about the past, laugh as hard as you can, then get home, you will obviously feel exhausted physically, but mentally, you will feel accomplished, then you will hopefully sleep, tomorrow repeat, the learning process, there is beauty in knowledge.

Because of accomplishment and inspiration,  you will  try out what you have learned,  in anticipation you will never think about #suicide.

Prayer/ Meditation is therapeutic as it rids unwanted spirit which is in form of bad energy, chanting words, helps the mind example “I am successful” chanting on this very word many times a day, can give you a deep feeling of success, and you could start seeing your self succeed, but you need to invest this energy into a work.

Like wise “i am healed”  “I am Forgiven” believing and trusting in the anointing healing of Jesus Christ (For Christians) can spring forth miracles, study of the past testimony/ life, can help with the present, that is where the study and practice of the word of God  #BIBLE comes in.

Study spiritual books, the one that you feel connected with in faith a miracle healing will emerge

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Writing helps to express our thoughts, write more when you are angry, or feel lost, allow someone know your thoughts on some certain details.

Help others in the same situation let them know that they are not alone, make people understand things, most times when we think outside the box, we tend to overcome the pressure or the thought of taking our life.

Most depressed mind are creative, use the energy for good, reach out more and motivate others, and your self, the accolade accompanied by your write up\ post\words , will make you feel better and also others.


Depression natural cure







As you exercise your mind with books and experience, build your body, work out, get that desirable shape, accept you are sexy, accept you are beautiful, accept that you are loved, you are enough — Keep getting better, health is wealth.

Having millions of #dollars and spending million of dollars in treatment is poverty, no matter how wealthy you are.

When you work on your body, your mind accepts your growth, thereby boosting your self esteem.

You will feel tend to feel more stronger and ready for anything you are been faced with, boosting our energy refills the body and the mind.

The old depressing energy leaves our body system and fills us with clean energy.

You can as well engage in sporting activities like running, football, soccer, table tennis, lawn tennis, basket ball, swimming, bicycle riding etc


In the midst of your physical training, Dance, make sure your lungs breath, empty your head, enjoy that energy, enjoy that charm, live in the moment.

I have never come across an angry dancer before, there is always a warm smile, and a tickling joy.

Live in the moment and care less of anything happening around or inside just flow with the beat and rhythm, allow the music to penetrate and heal you.

Your steps, the cheer and the energy flowing in and out of you will make you live past the pain or sorrow.

Go out for Karaoke nights, sing, shout, it don’t  need a perfect voice, just let it all out, depression makes the victim feel alone, isolated and quiet, so try and be more expressive as possible.












Music is good for the soul, its an ointment for the mind, to lift you up when you feel low make a list of music that motivates you, the ones that boost your Energy, listen to it, let the song be a part of you.

If you get tired of the playlist research and build more, the goal is to find a reason to live through each day.


Depression natural cure

You can make a bucket list of places you wish to visit, try more of outdoor activities, go sight seeing, take out time and admire nature, think of how beautiful the sun shines to bring light for the day, you are light be the sun and shine.

There is more to life, if you get to see the light every morning, don’t give up– Not even darkness is too dark when there is a little ray of light.








Helping someone in need, giving someone food, cloth, paying someones debt etc helps us understand, that the little we give can put a smile.

A little ‘Thank you’, can add this warmth feeling of accomplishment to our hearts, our soul and our mind.

A simple “Thank You” is healing on its own, because you will tend to understand, that the misery you feel you are in, someone out there is facing much more than you feel you are handling.

Go to #Hospitals, #Prison, #Mental Care Facilities, #Orphanage homes etc  you will understand that your situation is better than those you have visited, and always remember to give.

There is a #Proverb that quotes– 

“when we give, we also give out our problems and help will come to us in a time of need”

Giving to the poor and needy adds more life to our lifetime and can create comfort for us during the time of need.

There are different kind of Depression

1. Major Depression – You feel this kind of depression when you are low on energy most of the time and most of the days of the week.


>Loss of interest or pleasure in activities.

>Weight loss or gain.

>Trouble sleeping and sleeping most of the day.

>Feeling slow, mentally and physically and lacking energy

>Feeling guilty, Trouble making right choices

>Lack of concentration, taking unnecessary risks and thoughts of suicide

2. Persistent Depressive Disorder – You feel this kind of depression, for 2 years or longer, if the symptoms don’t disappear after 2 years, then it can lead to a Chronic Major Depression.


>Change in appetite or over eating

>Too much sleep or little sleep

>Low self esteem, low in energy and tiredness

Trouble Concentrating and feeling hopeless

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3. Bipolar Disorder – Mostly those that feel this kind of depression are #bipolar and tend to have mood swings from extreme high energy to a very low energy, this kind of depression is also called #Manic Depression.

4. Seasonal Affective Disorder (#SAD) – This kind of depression is seasonal and is mostly felt in days of short or less sunlight.. most times in the winter months…. light therapy can help by sitting in front of a special bright light box for about 15-30 minutes each day .

5. Psychotic Depression – People with this kind of depression most times hallucinate, paranoid and most times delusional. Drugs, alcohol etc can attribute to this kind of depression.

6. Peripartum (#Postpartum) Depression – This kind of depression is most times faced by women, in weeks or months after childbirth, sometimes it can be attributed to the change in the ladies body and the long hours of caring for the child.

7. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (#PMDD) –  Women face this kind of depression and its mostly when there period start flowing.


>Mood swings and Irritability

>Anxiety, fatigue and trouble Concentrating

>Change in appetite, Fatigue and sleep habits

>Overwhelmed feelings.

8. Situation Depression – This kind of depression normally occur when you loose a loved one, having too much or no work, heartbreak, relationship stress, or loosing a job or failing an exam or being rejected.

9. Atypical Depression – This kind of depression is normally felt when you are opposed by negative situations, but a positive event can temporary improve your mood.


>Sensitive to jokes, or criticism

>Sleeping more than usual

>Fatigue in arms and leg, and sleep more than usual .


If the above remedies doesn’t help then you need to talk with a physician, or better still contact me,  and i will listen, and give you my best advice as i have been through the same situation, that is how i came up with this article.

Am still fighting and getting better and discovering more of my purpose on earth.
The beauty of gold and silver is when it goes through the furnace — during this process gold and silver shine more and impurities are removed.

The furnace of humiliation, trials and tribulation is not there to destroy you, but to refine the impurities in you, mould you into greatness and beauty by bringing out the very best in you.

Use your life as a message that was the sole purpose you went through that issue that you are facing right now.

Remember its not only about you, there is more people to save if you can live, just subscribe to life and teach others.

No matter what you are going through, someone out there is praying and wishing they could be like you, or have that beautiful breath of life.

Please never throw that precious silver thread away, uphold it, till the end, you are worth more than Gold, and silver.

Dont take that which you didn’t create, its wrong, your life is not in your hands we are only caretakers, please do treat that body well.

#Suicide is not an option, and there is no assurance that taking your life would make the pains go away.

Think of it this way, if this short life is painful, then death which is much longer would be more painful if we don’t fulfill this destiny.

Don’t ever believe this lie that you will reincarnate when you take your life or go to some purgatory, its all lie, when you take your life, your soul will become a slave, there is no reincarnation just more and more torture till when ever judgement commence.

When you take your life, you also take away the life of your loved ones, your family, your friends, your posterity and a part of the world,  we need you, i need you, we need each other to stay alive.

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