Don’t Abhor Just Love Them In A Far-Flung | Heart Break Poem

Don’t Abhor Just Love Them In A Far-Flung | Heart Break Poem

I don’t abhor, I love unconditionally, but I can’t demonstrate.

When I see you, my heart skips a beat, but I masquerade my intense sensation.

I model careless, am a pretty good actor, but deep down, I wish to spread my arms,

and squeeze the liaison out of you, with a whisper in your ear, recounting how much I have misunderstood you.

Unhealthy resolution pushed  my kisser to release you to the wild, even though you left but here lies a scar.

Dazzling Pain

I wish I had the courage to resolve my aching and accept your entanglement, but i coughed up.

Still I crave your companionship, welp, am a sucker for love.

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Your streamline moves me,  I wish to say hi, but you taught me well ooh dearest mistress.

I built a Barack of logic to deny my wobbly self from your sly hex.

don't abhor- sinzuuliveblog
Confessors magic | Photo credit | Legend of The Seeker

This verdict created a psychiatric purgatory which got me feeling like Tom Cruise on mission impossible.

But am grateful you vanquished me, I might be burnt whole on the altar of pyre,

But renewed in the kiln of your fake love.

don't abhor- sinzuuliveblog
Photo Credit | XMen dark phoenix


You could have been my only poison, my worst distraction but this day i won’t abhor,

But bravely stan to love you from a far-flung.


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