Dr Dre’s Biz Partner Accuse Nicole Young Of Grand Theft : Getting Nastier

Dr Dre’s Biz Partner Accuse Nicole Young Of Grand Theft : Getting Nastier

Dr. Dre‘s biz partner Larry Chatman, is now accusing Nicole Young of grand theft.. he reveals Dre’s estranged wife has embezzled there well funded business twice.

Attorneys for Larry Chatman — who co-founded Record One studio with Dre in 2015 — just fired off another letter to Nicole … accusing her of withdrawing an extra $30,000-plus from the business account, despite no longer being legally authorized.

Chatman claims that $353k was embezzled by Nicole from the account in late August.

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Attorney Ed McPherson, who reps the LLC that operates Record One, attached the check Nicole wrote to herself in late August.

The company accused Nicole of criminal conduct in draining the account and fired off a letter to that effect.

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Chatman says Nicole after receiving the letter, siphoned another $31,457, two days AFTER she was removed in the official capacity.

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Withdraw she made two days after she was removed as a trustee and signatory on the LLC’s checking account

In the attorneys’ eyes and Chatman’s … that amounts to grand theft … on top of the alleged $353k embezzlement from earlier.

They’re threatening legal action if she doesn’t return the cash they claim she took from the account.

The attorney handling Nicole’s case called their first accusation a “low-grade PR stunt” meant to embarrass his client and take the spotlight away from a recent lawsuit she filed against Dre himself … in which she accused him of hiding assets she feels entitled to in the divorce.

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Nicole’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, says “This is a clear attempt to smear Nicole’s name.  As people are well aware, banks do not give out money to people who are not authorized to receive it.”

Record One is operated by an LLC. Nicole was a trustee and signatory on the LLC’s checking account.

The Divorce is getting nastier …


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