EU discuss the defence of Europe

Just as  Donald Trumps era is coming to an end. The EU ministers meets on a teleconference this week to discuss the defence of Europe. They say Europe needs to be able to fight for itself, as European Union discusses the defence of Europe.

The EU foreign and defence ministers on their scheduled meeting on Thursday and Friday via teleconference will be receiving bloc’s first annual report on the joint defence capabilities.

A French diplomat said “we aren’t in the old status quo, where we can pretend that the Donald trump presidency never existed and the world was the same as four years ago”

“Biden’s victory was a call to Europe to keep building a common EU defence, to be useful and a strong ally, also for the NATO alliance” this statement was made by an EU official.

Since December 2017, as EU discuss the defence of europe, they have been working to develop more firepower independently of the united states. This effort has been pushed mainly by France, the EU major military power after the brexit.

In a magazine interview on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron said “the united states will only respect us as allies if we are serious about our position, and if we have our own sovereignty regarding defence”

Trump was criticising European countries for spending too little on defence and referred to allies that spend  less than 2% of national output as “delinquent”. previous us administrations called on us to spend more.

U.S. and European media on Monday in a joint column, the French and German foreign ministers said they were committed to “make the transatlantic partnership more balanced”

the EU top diplomat Josep Borrell spoke to the EU ambassadors last week that “EU needs to practice the language of power, not just speak it”

EU will put aside 8billion euros ($9.46billion) from next year for weapons development. experts say the bloc needs at least a decade to have Military independence from Washington..

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