Ex-NFL Quarter Back Vince Young Driving While Intoxicated Case Dismissed

Ex-NFL Quarter Back Vince Young 37-year-old was arrested on Feb. 4 2019 in Fort Bend County, Texas last year after police officers say he was drunk driving at around 4:30 AM.

Cops reveals that he slurred while speaking and failed sobriety test and he oozed a strong odor of alcohol during the stop.

Vince Young was initially slapped with a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge over the incident … but prosecutors eventually reduced the charge to misdemeanor obstruction of a highway after Young and his attorney successfully prayed it well in court.

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The case has now been dismissed after the ex-NFL QB completed a diversion program– he won’t spend any more time behind bars.

Young was facing up to 180 days in jail over the Class B misdemeanor … but court records show the case was dismissed on Aug. 25.

According to court docs … Young “completed a pretrial intervention program supervised by the probation department,” which led to the dismissal.

It’s not Young’s first drunk driving case … remember, back in 2016, he pled no contest to a DUI charge and was sentenced to 18 months probation.

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Well he can’t seem to get over drinking and driving.


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