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DICTIONARY : Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

From this definition we understand that fear is just an emotion and an emotion is not “Physical”, which can be caused by a belief that someone or something is dangerous and likely can cause pain.

We become afraid because we have filled our mind with negative thoughts, or because  we are not ritually clean.

God created the mind as a detecting tool (conscience) and what we feed our thoughts becomes our reality and we become afraid of those things because our mind has already detected it as a threat.

Fear not real - sinzuulive

When we feed our thought with positivity then there wouldn’t be a trace of horror because the uneasy  feeling is not real, nobody can describe fear unless something triggers it or we are being faced with danger.

We should only fear the Creator of Everything.

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God is the creator of heaven and earth, so when the creator is for you, why fear ?– the creator knows everything happening and is aware of every detail, God controls all.

Before anything takes place in the physical, it has already been signed in the spiritual , orders are carried in the spiritual before it manifest in the physical…

‘satan appeared in the presence of God and asked God for permission before tormenting Job’Job 1:6-12

Fear is the cause of most failures/ limits, because we invest in our mind with a train of thought feeling that our outcome will fail

not knowing fully well that there is a higher power that controls every thought.

When we understand the concept of this world that is when we start winning.

The foundation of every building is the stepping stone of a massive success, if we build our home which is our body in fear, then our foundation would be easily destroyed.

From spiritual insight our body is a (Temple of the holy Spirit) when we build our temple in fear, we can only give out fear, so build the temple with words of the spirit because with the words of the spirit we can chase away fear, fear is not of God.

Pick up courage today and invest in faith and our soul will flourish.

Fill the mind with positive words , invest in good works of the spirit.

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Be fearless because we are a part of God, we have been given power and authority to dominate, but we need to harness this power by surrendering to a Higher Power ( GOD)..

Never be held down by yesterday no matter the situation.

knowledge is the cure to panic, fill your mind with positivity, build your faith and face your scare and rise to

become everything and anything.

Everything we set our mind to is possible, as long as we believe and work towards it.


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