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Precious= A jolly good fellow

Fit fam refers to a group of individuals, engaging in a series of sporting

and fitness activities,  without properly  engaging in any sporting or fitness activities.

I started working  out sometime back in October when someone out rightly called me “plus-sized”

(I was at the verge of committing murder, we thank GOD for self control). Omoh, I said “no way”,

we must do this thing.  I have never being an exercise/sports person in my life, I enjoy watching but I

have never wanted to participate.

So this was a first for me, just waking up one morning and deciding to go jogging

(BTW, I walked most of the distance, only jogged at intervals). When my aunt

came for ‘’Omugo’’ (Child Visitation), she triggered me and we went for morning walks

together (goals right?! Mommy ET child working out together). Every morning has been

an experience I look forward to as I’ve met groups of people I’ll talk about later and the

amazing things I see on this journey of mine.(Fitfam)

These observations come partially because my aunt says the rosary for almost half

of the way, so I’m alone walking briskly, talking to myself and watching people.

I’ve met the Following Categories of People

The Young And Vibrant

Precious Fit Fam story

Yes! These are the ones that are very agile, while we walk, you see them, pass you with

their jogging faces as if to say “what are these old people doing?” I jejely ignore and start singing

The Slay Queens

Precious Fit Fam story

Yes oo!! They’re here too, always everywhere. These are the ones who go jogging in

the morning with makeup on (yes! Because to “pepper dem” is a full time job). Even

the way they jog is stylish, their kits, let’s not even go there….they’re here to SLAY!!!(Period).

The Married Men/Women

Fitfam- sinzuuliveblog

The married men still want to be fit, they no longer fancy pot belly, so they’ll work out

and do anything to burn out all that fat. While the married women on the other hand,

want to lose the “baby fat”, and still wanna look sexy so hubby’s eyes shall not wander.

Good luck with it you guys!

The Obese

Precious Fit Fam story

I see these ones and immediately I mutter a silent prayer “Father Lawd, we won’t

get to this stage in Jesus Name”, somebody shout FIRE!!! The struggle is real for

these guys o; they do twice of what everyone’s doing.

The Lovers

Fitfam- sinzuuliveblog

You’ll find “lav” everywhere… they’re the ones you’ll find doing PDA

(public displays of affection) on their way to the stadium that early morning.

It makes me wonder what they were doing all night. Cut us some slack man!

The Sports Type

Fitfam- sinzuuliveblog

Na the work wey them dey do (It’s there job) …if they run past you ehn, you’ll

think this exercise is practice for Olympics. Ahn ahnnnn, kilode!!! The other day,

one of them passed me and I was almost intimidated, I was like “shoo, be like me

nobi exercise I de commot for o

These are the categories i can remember for now, the experience has been a wonderful

one, it’s worth it guys! Don’t tell me to post pictures because i never lose weight abeg.

And there are really hawt guys on the road o😉😉😉.

What are your Fitfam stories and what category do you fall under?




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