Florida Man Barely Hanging On Hood of A Big Truck Pleads for Help On Highway

Florida man who appeared petrified, is captured barely hanging outside on the hood of a big Rig cruising down the highway.

The fast and Furious kind of scene went down Saturday in the Sunshine State somewhere along I-95.

The drivers look didn’t seem hostile… but he was unsystematically trying to shake the guy off by swerving the steering back and forth.

He was zigzagging in and out of traffic lanes. The two people who captured this pulled up alongside them — As seen in the video the guy clinging to the truck was screaming for help.

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It was so intense, we thought its a daredevil scene play  — maybe “Mission: Impossible” or something — but it’s real, Florida man seems to have smashed the trucks windscreen as seen in the video.

The extremely enthusiastic part is when the driver didn’t stop at first, he just kept on going and tried finding other ways , like using hard brake just to shake the guy off.

Its unclear what triggered this but In due course the cops surfaced, pulled the truck over and got things under control.

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There’s no further report in regards to, anyone been praised or arrested.


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